The Lions have looked atrocious since the start of the regular season. It seems as though the wrong group of players were cut from the team. The running game is struggling, the passing game is largely inefficient and at times difficult to watch. The offensive line appears to be on vacation: giving up 24 sacks in 6 games, while the defensive line seems lethargic: allowing 1005 rushing yards and amassing 11 sacks in 6 games. For the Tampa 2 defense, this is appalling.

However, there are a some bright spots on the team, Calvin Johnson is a premier wideout and its good to see Daniel Bullock running around the field. I really enjoy watching Kevin Smith. My prayer is Kevin doesn't get abused and jettisoned like his predecessor, Kevin Jones.

The time for change is now. The Lions must rectify the issues with the offensive and defensive lines. The offensive line plays soft and inconsistent: no traction or leverage at the line of scrimmage. This group reminds me of the 2005 texan's line: A bunch of underachievers. We might as well draft a left tackle, right guard and a center. Some real maulers to be specific. For Model, comparison and inspiration, the coaches need to study the offensive line of the Buffalo bills. What's the use of drafting a franchise quarterback if there's no Offensive line to protect him; Remind you of David Carr, sacked a career high 264 times in a season and gets dumped by Houston or Ronnie Brown, thought for a bust, until Parcell showed up and revamped the offensive line.

As for the defensive line, its pretty obvious we need an Albert Haynesworth type tackle. The lions can start by trading for Red Byrant (DT Seattle) or drafting a prototypical NT.

Shaun Cody Should be cut for Ika-Francis and Cory Smith.  His officially a bust. DeVries has racked up a total of 19 tackles and 2 sacks till date. That just sorry for a starting defensive end. I love his passion and respect his output for his age but it times he picks up the clipboard. Its ironic that the strong side of the defensive line (DeVries and Paris Lenon) have a tackles/sack/FF total of 53/3/1 thru 6 games whilst the "weak side of the defensive line" have 78/4/2 thru 6 games. Its pretty obvious which side of he defensive line is producing. Its time to start Ika-Francis & Cory Smith and Dizon to balance out the line.

We could use another cornerback. Brian Kelly should go. Age is truly telling on him. He would make a good player mentor.

Finally, no house can stand without a solid foundation. Likewise, there is no successful team without good offensive and defensive lines. Just take a look at the successful powerhouses of football; the steelers, patroits, giants, thing stands out: dominant offensive and defensive lines.



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