Week 5 Fantasy Wrap-Up


Despite having the fourth lowest point total in the official POD fantasy football league this past week, I ended up winning to improve my record to 4-1 on the year.  I lucked out for sure, as my opponent had both Deuce McAllister and Lance Moore playing in last night's game for the Saints.  Had the two combined for just 8 more yards, I would have lost, so luck was definitely on my side.

Better Than Millen (me) 77.84
STUD: QB Jake Delhomme 19.54
DUD: WR Santana Moss 0
BENCHED: WR Muhsin Muhammad 13.1
OPTIMUM: 105.64 RATING: 73%
SnotKnocker's (Ace BangerTheGuru) 77.1
STUD: QB Kurt Warner 24
DUD: TE Jerramy Stevens 0
BENCHED: RB Tim Hightower 16.5

In the POD overflow league, I lost for the second straight time.  I only put up 69.46 points but did have a coaches rating of 94%.  That was only because nearly half my bench had a bye, but that is good news for next week since I'll be getting a couple starters back, which hopefully will get my point total at least in the 70's.  In the SBN/AOL league I improved to 4-1 after winning 106.2-69.65.  I had a coaches rating of 88% and appear to be in good shape as the season continues.

Before taking a look at how the rest of the teams in the official POD league fared, here is a standings update:

Charlie Sanders Division

  1. Better Than Millen (4-1)
  2. Just go away Favre (3-2)
  3. Maize 'n' Blue Jays (2-3)
  4. Underdogs (1-4)

Bobby Layne Division

  1. Motown Madmen (4-1)
  2. West Coast Lions (3-2)
  3. SnotKnocker's (2-3)
  4. LA Leos (1-4)

Doak Walker Division

  1. The Gosder Cherilus Posse (4-1)
  2. Calvin and the Chipmunks (3-2)
  3. Detroit's Few Good Men (2-3)
  4. Rudys Warhawks (1-4)
Detroit's Few Good Men (ReichardZ) 85.66
STUD: D/ST Panthers 19
DUD: TE Vernon Davis 0
BENCHED: QB David Garrard 15.2
Maize 'n' Blue Jays (THE_J) 70.36
STUD: RB Matt Forte 18.1
DUD: TE Antonio Gates 1.2
BENCHED: QB Carson Palmer 18.68
OPTIMUM: 96.28 RATING: 73%
Just go away Favre (ahtrap) 126.16
STUD: QB Kyle Orton 27.36
DUD: RB Chris Perry & D/ST Buccaneers 3
BENCHED: RB DeAngelo Williams 32.8
OPTIMUM: 166.52 RATING: 75%
LA Leos (sgdbw90) 105.28
STUD: QB Peyton Manning 21.68
DUD: RB Larry Johnson 0.2
BENCHED: RB Kevin Smith 11.6
OPTIMUM: 116.68 RATING: 90%
West Coast Lions (LVLionfan) 96.36
STUD: QB Ben Roethlisberger 30.56
DUD: WR Brandon Marshall 2.5
BENCHED: QB Matt Ryan 19.36
OPTIMUM: 105.62 RATING: 91%
Calvin and the Chipmunks (mgersz) 106.54
STUD: QB Tony Romo 22.74
DUD: WR Calvin Johnson 1.6
BENCHED: D/ST Jaguars 11
OPTIMUM: 114.54 RATING: 93%
Motown Madmen (Jettero2112) 93.2
STUD: QB Drew Brees 15.8
DUD: WR Robert Meachem 3.1
BENCHED: WR Randy Moss 18.3
OPTIMUM: 108.4 RATING: 85%
Rudys Warhawks (isjim) 82.84
STUD: WR T.J. Houshmandzadeh 20.5
DUD: TE Jeremy Shockey 0
BENCHED: WR Antwaan Randle El 10.12
OPTIMUM: 86.46 RATING: 95%
The Gosder Cherilus Posse (The Prodigy) 106.68
STUD: RB Clinton Portis 21.8
DUD: RB Chris Johnson 4.8
BENCHED: RB Ronnie Brown 19.3
OPTIMUM: 121.18 RATING: 88%
Underdogs (Sig Sauer) 61.68
STUD: QB Eli Manning 22.68
DUD: WR Miles Austin 0
BENCHED: WR Donald Driver 13.4
OPTIMUM: 83.88 RATING: 73%
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