2009 Lions Draft

Today is April 25th 2009......prior to today, the Lions have made history by going 0-16 or close and have succeeded in setting every record in abysmal football history. The fans have succeeded in firing Matt Millen & WCF and chosen a new GM, who has cleaned house and revamped the scouting department and has given fans the opportunity to partake in the rebuilding process.

Fast forward to today, the draft is finally here and rebuilding is the one topic on the agenda.... the question remains who should we draft this year? Some fans believe we should pick Matthew Stafford with first pick: he has a great arm and we should consider the stats he put up in college....but I disagree.... stats can only say so much about a player......I believe we should concentrate on potential, upside for growth and development, leadership and drive to win....... perfect example, Tom Brady drafted in the 6th round, Superbowl MVP and 3 time NFL champion. his college stats did not indicate any of the above criteria.

If I were the GM today, after reading through the fanposts and reviewing all the options available to me,  this is how I will revamp this team:

A. The following players will be cut/ traded: Shaun Cody, Chuck Darby, Dwight Smith, Alex Lewis, Jared Devries, Jon Kitna, Eddie Mulitalo, Andy McCollum, Travis Fisher, Kelly Brian, Moran Norris, Casey Fittzsimmons,  etc....

B. Jeff Backus will be moved from LT to LG

3. Draft the following players:

1. OT - Michael Oher >Andre Smith> Eugene Monroe,
1. MLB - James Laurinaitis {considering his stock is dropping}
2. NT - BJ Raji>Vince Oghobaase
3. C -Jonathan Luigs>Eric Wood>Max Unger>Antoine Caldwell
3. CB - Joe Burnett > DeAngelo Smith>Domonique Johnson
4. LG- Curtis Crouch>Louis West>Steve Rehring.
5. TE - Anthony Hill>Brian Mandeville.
7. S - Emmanuel Cook


C. The following players will be invited to camp to competite for a roster spot; T- Jonathan Scott, K- Dave Rayner or FAs, LB- Leon Joe, C- Carroll Madison, and other Undrafted players and free agents.. like the Colts conduct every off season that produced the likes of M. Bullit, Devin Aromashodu to mention a few.

D. The new look roster would like this

QB - Culpepper >Orlovsky >Stanton

RB - Kevin Smith > FA> FA

FB - Jerome Felton

WR - Calvin Jonhson> Shaun McDonald> Mike Furrey> Middleton>FA

TE> Gaines> Draft Pick

LT - Michael Olher> D Cook> FA

LG - Jeff Backus> Curtis Crouch

C - D. Riaola> Draft Pick> FA

RG- Peterman> Jonathan Scott> FA

RT- Cherilus>FA

LDE - Andre Fluellen>  Corey Smith>Ika Alama-Francis

NT - BJ Raji > FA> Landon Cohen

UT - Cory Redding> Langston Moore

RDE - DeWayne White> Cliff Avril > FA

MLB - James Laurinaitis> Brandon Graham> FA

ROLB - Ernie Sims> Darnell Bing

LOLB - Jordan Dizon > Ryan Nece

SS - Daniel Bullocks> Greg Blue

FS - Greg Alexander> Greg Blue> Emmanuel Cook

K - J. Hanson

P - N. Harris

E. Team Projects - Brandon Graham [DE / LB], FA, FA ..... to  round out the team at 53 players....

Likely players, I want to attract include

DT - RED Bryant via trade from Seatttle to shore up the NT position.

LB - Ralph Alston from Raiders for his Special teams play.


I am expecting at least a 7 win season in the first year...


Please review and  your comments are greatly appreciated. Thanks.


This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Pride Of Detroit or its writers.

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