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Alright averyone and there grandama wants to draft a LT with our first pick (dont get me wrong we need one).  Now there to draft options everyone looks at how the Dolphins designed there draft. Or how the Falcons drafted...or even the Ravens.

My plan I belive will bring the quickest turn around for this team.  Now I watched hours, a lot of hours on youtube and on tv when it comes to finding that franchise QB we hear in detroit have ever seen...

So my draft stradgey is kinda like the Falcons.....................So here we go..

1st pick rd1 Matthew Stafford (on a scale of 1-10 is arm strenght is about a 15) the guy was trowing the ball 80 yards in high school.  No joke check it out!  Also his Accuracy as about 8.8 out of 10 great pocket awairness just not very mobile(who cares right?)  Highlandpark High in TX is where our great Bobby Lane attended, well guess who else won a state championship there? Hint? Matt Stafford which is ironic that the Lions 50 year curse ended this year, if thats not a sign then I dont know what is.

2nd pick rd1 best MLB available.  With Sims OLB.   lauranitis-Spikes-Curry-Maualuga at MLB. And Dizon OLB.  Thats a damb fine LB core right there and should be able to significantly slow down the run and bring one fast blitz package!

1st pick rd2 best LT available there will be pleanty, they just have to pick the right one but if Duke Robinson slips down (OG-the best in college) snatch him up and run to the podeum.  Or this is a spot where everyone will be looking to trade up for this pick so this is an good option.

1st pick rd3 best TE avilable if someone like Chase Coffman slips take him.  Remember guys talent talent talent I know we have stronger needs at CB but value exceeds need but we really need a TE.  Rookie Qbs best friend is a reciving TE, and well a run game. 

2nd pick rd3 CB but not just any CB one that can return punts and kicks..... Now if there is'nt on worthy of taking look for a OLman or a DT

so basically through the rest of the draft find a FAST I MEAN FAST WR and if he can KR/PR too great.........CBs, CBs that can PR/KR.....

And this my friend is my gameplan to turning this sinking turd around.....

Please give me some feedback this is my forst post so tell what you think?



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