Win One for Marinelli - Fan Support from Outside the Pride

I am a Cleveland Browns fan visiting the Pride, and with more on my mind than simply commiserating with a fan base whose pain I can feel and relate with.  Let's just get it out of the way right now: perhaps no other fan bases in the last 30 years in the NFL have suffered more than fans of the Lions and Browns.

With that said, I read a terrific blog post at a Midwest blog I follow that covers the Browns pretty extensively.  His basically says that for a whole host of reasons (Marinelli, the players, the fans) he wants to see the Lions win a game this year and not go winless.  He put up a poll up there asking fans how "sadistic" they are, and whether or not they wanted to see the Lions go 0-16. 

I wanted to share it with you, in case no one here keeps tabs on that blog:

Do You Want to see the Detroit Lions Go 0-16 in 2008?

I think he just posted it late last night because it doesn't have many views, but the current vote stands at 11-5 in favor of "yes" -- wanting to see the Lions go 0-16.  Personally, I just don't understand it.  I hate seeing teams and fans suffer like the Lions are this year, probably because I can empathize and now all too well the heartache and frustration of such a terrible season.  And I agree with the writer that Rod Marinelli seems like an upstanding and decent guy who works his butt off.

But I wonder about his assertion that the Lions players have not quit, and have been playing hard.  I know that I watched that Thanksgiving Day game, and they looked absolutely pathetic.  It was my only time viewing the Lions this season, and I was honestly embarrassed for them.  By all accounts, the team has played hard and desperate over the last few weeks, but I can't shake the impression of the Thanksgiving game out of my head when thinking about this year's Lions.

I am wondering what your thoughts are.  Do you feel like this team is laying it on the line and playing with pride?  What are the feelings towards Rod Marinelli?  I'm sure everyone is frustrated with him, but does everyone else see the same passionate guy that I see?  Or have I missed too much?

Either way, I will be strongly pulling for the Lions for the rest of 2008 because I don't think any team or fan base deserves the ignominy of finishing a season 0-16.  And it does look like the final two opponents give you guys a pretty good chance to pull out a W.

Thanks for letting me visit the board and post.  From one fan of a crappy team to another: I'm pulling for you.  And may the Dolphins and Falcons be a lesson to all of us: with the right leadership and the right QB, any team can make a run at the playoffs any season.

Hopefully the Browns and Lions are taking notes.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Pride Of Detroit or its writers.

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