Week 15 Fantasy Wrap-Up


I'm officially down to one fantasy team, as I was eliminated from the official POD fantasy football league playoffs.  My lack of talent finally caught up with me and ended my season for good.  I struggled mightily down the stretch and barely made the playoffs.  Had it not been for a great start to the season that really was nothing more than a fluke, my season would have ended before now.  Either way, Calvin and the Chipmunks is on his way to the finals, where he will face Just go away Favre.

Better Than Millen (me) 71.02
STUD: RB Michael Turner 25.2
DUD: K Jason Elam 7
BENCHED: TE Visanthe Shiancoe 0.8
OPTIMUM: 79.02 RATING: 89%
Calvin and the Chipmunks (mgersz) 90.56
STUD: QB Tony Romo 22.46
DUD: K Nick Folk 2
BENCHED: QB Chad Pennington 19.64
OPTIMUM: 107.56 RATING: 84%
The Gosder Cherilus Posse (The Prodigy) 98.78
STUD: TE Dallas Clark 21.2
DUD: RB Chris Johnson 6.7
BENCHED: RB Ronnie Brown 7.6
OPTIMUM: 99.68 RATING: 99%
Just go away Favre (ahtrap) 107.62
STUD: WR Andre Johnson 28.7
DUD: TE Chris Cooley 3.1
BENCHED: D/ST Buccaneers 13
OPTIMUM: 111.62 RATING: 96%

In the consolation playoffs, LA Leos (sgdbw90) beat Underdogs (Sig Sauer) 76.02-67.54 and Maize 'n' Blue Jays (THE_J) beat SnotKnocker's (Ace BangerTheGuru) 96.24-64.8, setting up the finals in that bracket.

In the POD overflow league, Raging Rhinos and Pineapple Express will square off in the finals.  Pineapple Express is actually the #6 seed in the playoffs, meaning he is one win away from pulling off a great run to win the league championship.

In the SBN/AOL league, I will play Stampede Blue's BigBlueShoe in the semifinals.  This matchup scares the crap out of me for two reasons: 1) BigBlueShoe is responsible for two of my four losses this season, and 2) All but one player scored in double digits for BigBlueShoe this past week.  Hopefully the third time will be a charm for me, as a win puts me in the finals.

UPDATE: So technically my season isn't over, as I still have to play The Gosder Cherilus Posse in the third-place game.  Either way, my run for a league championship has ended.

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