Kenneth Moore Scouting Report

After having zero fourth-round picks, the Lions' got the fifth-round started by drafting Wake Forest wide receiver Kenneth Moore.  This pick was made possible by the Lions' day one trade with the Chiefs, who sent the fifth-round's opening pick to Detroit.

When this pick was first made, it was a head-scratcher to say the least.  On top of the fact that the Lions had just picked a wide receiver, we all wondered why they had done so at the start of the fifth-round.  It's not like Detroit had a huge need for an additional receiver, so why did the Lions make this selection?  Basically, Detroit wanted to add someone with the ability to play receiver and then also be a return man, and that sums up Kenneth Moore.

Here is more on Moore:

Scouts Inc.:

Strengths: Is fluid getting in and out of cuts and runs adequate short-to-intermediate routes. Snatches the ball out of the air and catches passes in stride. Is fluid turning upfield after the catch and makes crisp first moves. Tough and fights for yards after contact. Reads blocks well, quick to turn the corner and is a shifty open field runner that can make defenders miss. Takes sound angles to assignments and can get into position as a blocker. Gets adequate hand placement, moves feet and flashes the ability to sustain blocks. Has experience lining up in the backfield and is versatile. Has experience retuning punts and has flashed big-play ability in that role.

Weaknesses: Undersized and is going to get pushed around by bigger corners. Doesn't use hands well and struggles to get a clean release working against press coverage. Lacks ideal explosiveness and is going to have a harder time separating from man coverage at the NFL level. Doesn't show a second gear when tracking the ball downfield and isn't fast enough to run by most NFL corners. Lacks breakaway speed and isn't going to outrun NFL defenses when gets a seam. Though can locate soft spots when sees zone coverage sits in areas for too long making it easier for the defense to recover and needs to do a better job of adjusting when the protection starts to break down. Lets the ball get too far away from frame when running in space and is vulnerable to getting the ball knocked loose from behind. Doesn't have great lower body strength and is far effective running outside than is running between the tackles. Appears hesitant when cracking down on linebackers and doesn't play with enough of a mean streak. Foot injury limited him to five games in 2004 and durability is a concern.

POSITIVES: Athletic skill player with the ability to produce in a variety of ways. Quickly releases off the line, makes the reception in stride, and extends to catch the pass away from his frame. Displays a sense of timing, uses his frame to shield away opponents, and makes the difficult catch when covered by defenders. Possesses soft and strong hands and shows the ability to pluck the pass from the air. Quickly transitions from making the catch to running after the reception. Displays good instincts, effectively uses blocks, and picks up positive yardage handling the ball.

NEGATIVES: Lacks top size and speed. More quick than fast and not blowing by defenders.

NFL Draft Countdown:

Adequate size and bulk...Good athleticism...Has reliable hands and he'll make the difficult grab...Elusive with good vision...Runs well after the catch...Tough...Is real versatile...Team player with excellent intangibles..Has experience as a return guy.

Timed speed is just average and lacks a burst...Not much of a big play threat...He won't stretch the field...Needs to work on his route running...Is not very strong or physical...Not a great blocker..Was essentially a one-year wonder..Limited upside.



I don't expect Kenneth Moore to make the team, but if there is only one injury at the wide receiver position he could be on the main roster.  I would bet on him being signed to the practice squad should he be cut, and then making an appearance or two on the Lions before the season is over.  Moore's versatility will make it hard to get rid of him, but the Lions' have a couple other players like him already.

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