Previewing the Schedule: Recap

Over the last few weeks I have gone through the Lions' entire 2008 schedule and previewed it month by month.  The results, to put it nicely, weren't all that great for the Lions.  I highly doubt my predictions will come true as I don't think even Detroit could be quite this inconsistent, but man, if this season did happen, all Lions fans would have a constant headache.

Below is a table version of my predictions for the 2008 season, and as you will quickly notice, wins and losses come in clusters.  There is a nice 4-game winning streak to start the season, but things go south quickly as the Lions then lose 6 straight.  Detroit does get to taste victory 2 consecutive weeks to end November at 6-6, but then December happens.  In the final month of the season I have the Lions going winless, meaning they would finish the year on a 4-game losing streak.  As I have said in the past many time, a team this streaky would be rare, but then again, out of all the teams that could do it, Detroit is probably at the top of the list.

Wk. Date Opponent Prediction
1 September 7 at Atlanta Falcons Win
2 September 14 vs. Green Bay Packers Win
3 September 21 at San Francisco 49ers Win
4 September 28 ---BYE WEEK---
5 October 5 vs. Chicago Bears Win
6 October 12 at Minnesota Vikings Loss
7 October 19 at Houston Texans Loss
8 October 26 vs. Washington Redskins Loss
9 November 2 at Chicago Bears Loss
10 November 9 vs. Jacksonville Jaguars Loss
11 November 16 at Carolina Panthers Loss
12 November 23 vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers Win
13 November 27 vs. Tennessee Titans * Win
14 December 7 vs. Minnesota Vikings Loss
15 December 14 at Indianapolis Colts Loss
16 December 21 vs. New Orleans Saints Loss
17 December 28 at Green Bay Packers Loss

Should 2008 play out like this or at least hand Detroit a 6-10 record, I'm sure Rod Marinelli's name will be on the chopping block in the media and in the minds of fans.  However, there is no doubt in my mind that his job is safe.  It would take an 0-16 season for Marinelli to be fired simply because as long as he is here Millen will be here.  Plus, even though a 6-10 season is mediocre, keeping continuity for more than a few years is important.  If a new coaching staff comes in once every three or so years, then progress will take just as many steps back as it would with a 6-10 season.

For an in-depth look of my predictions for every game, check out my month by month previews: September, October, November, and December.

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