Three Round Mock Draft

Every man and his dog has his opinion on who Lions will select in this upcoming draft so I thought I'll put mine out there early.

Round 1, Pick A-
I, like quite a few others, believe that our O-Line needs fixing badly and that starts with a strong blind side Tackle. Personally, I like Munroe more than Oher or Andre Smith purely because I think that not only does he have a better chance at being a true stud tackle, but is less of a chance of going bust. If Stafford does grades out to be BPA then we should take him but if not, Munroe is the way to go.

Round 1, Pick B-
Vontae Davis, CB, Illnois
I've chosen Davis because Detroit had the least amount of INTs this year and our coverage was just terrible.  I just hope that he falls this far down so we can pick him. Other choices I considered were Clint Sintim and Brian Cushing. I really like Sintim and think he'd make a great LB.

Round 2-
Brian Cushing, OLB, USC
We need another strong linebacker to help in both the run stop and in coverage and Cushing is quite a talent. Preferably, I would've liked Sintim but I think he might be off the board by now. If not, I say snap him up instead. Also, Larry English would be a nice addition to our D-Line and he'd be a nice pick here if both backers were gone.

Round 3, Pick A-
Shawn Nelson, TE, Southern Miss
This is my sleeper pick. I love the look of Nelson, especially since the Senior bowl practices. He is a dangerous receiver and after that block on Big Rey I have no problem thinking he can handle blocking at TE. Will be able to take pressure off both CJ and our QB as a possession receiver who'll help us on picking up those elusive first downs.

Round 3, Pick B-
Kraig Urbik, OG, Wisconsin
Really, just pick the best Guard or D-lineman available. I think our O-line needs a bit more help than our D-line so I've gone with a big guard. I'd love it if Herman Johnson from LSU fell this far but he probably won't.  Someone like Fili Moala, DT from USC would be great here too.

I know I'll probably get some flak for not selecting more defensive players but I really like the look of those picks and would be over the moon if we came up with them, even half of them would be awesome. What do you guys think?


This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Pride Of Detroit or its writers.

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