Grades for 2009 draft choices so far.

I was bouncing around the internet and found an article grading the 2009 draft choices. Thought it was a pretty far analysis of how the new guys are doing thus far on the Lions. I think I might be a little more critical of a couple of these guys but all in all, it was a good writeup. I am curious to know if my fellow POD posters agree with his writing or if you have a different assessement of any or all of the rookies. Heres the link and my thoughts after the jump. LINK

I, like the writer of the column, thought we would be a little better in the win/loss column at this point of the year. However, I like to take the past into consideration. Millen left Schwartz and company with some bare cuboards when it comes to talent. So with the 2009 draft so important to this Lions team, it is good to see that they are in these games making some good plays and getting some much needed experience for the years to come. Here are my thoughts on the authors thoughts of the Lions 2009 draft choices.

Stafford - As the author points out, Stafford has made a lot of rookie mistakes. But most of the mistakes that he makes are due to his lack of actual game experience. He will learn in time how to put touch on a pass, read different defenses, and when to throw it away. Agree with the author

Pettigrew - Lost some learning time due to injury, but it was nice to see him so involved in the last game. Agree with the author.

Delmas - Huge addition and the only bright spot in the secondary. Love his intensity. Agree with the author.

Levy - A hard worker that will some day be a starter. Agree with the author.

Williams - I for one have not seen enough out of him. But I am willing to give him some time as he has to compete against 3 veterans for playing time. Agree with the author, but not really sold on him.

Hill - The author says he will be at least a good backup. I think he will be a very good starter. I know, he might be starting due to the lack of talent, but you have to admit, he has done a very good job. Agree with author.

Brown - A nice compliment to K.Smith with his speed. Is he an every down back, maybe not, but he is quick on the edge. That makes him at least a good backup. Agree with the author.

Murtha - Did not get to see him enough, but from what I saw, I agree with the author.

Follet - What an impact he has made on special teams. Not bad for a 7th rounder. You never know, he might turn out to be at the least a talented backup. Agree with the author, but thinking he will be more in the future.

Gronkowski - Not enough info. Agree with the author.

So lets hear you lions fans. what are your thoughts on our most recent draft class thus far. As always, GO LIONS!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Pride Of Detroit or its writers.

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