Hackerz 2010 NFL Rough Mock Draft


#1 Tampa Bay Buccaneers  Ndamukong Suh     DT    Nebraska

With a defense that bad They need to start up front.


#2 St. Louis Rams Sam Bradford  QB Oklahoma

Belive it or not he's coming into a good situation.  Has a top 3 RB, (questionable) franchise LT and now all they need to do is find a WR in the 2 round and that offense is on there way.  Defense on the other hand..??


#3 Oakland Raiders Gerald McCoy DT Oklahoma

This is the best move for this team, stop the run and run the ball.  Thrown as little as possible especially when your your QB only completes 35% or his passes.


#4 Cleveland Browns  Dez Bryant WR Oklahoma State

The Browns desperately need a play maker on offense.


#5 Detroit Lions Russell Okung LT Oklahoma State

Finally!!!  Good bye Jeff "false start" Backus, oh and Okung is really really good too.


#6 Kansas City Chiefs Eric Berry S  Tennessee

Cant go wrong with Berry he's a great player.


#7 Washington Redskins  Jake Locker QB  Washington

Snyder will want big big changes to his franchise and Locker has all the tool's to be a special QB in the NFL.


#8 Seattle Seahawks  Trent Williams OT Oklahoma

Solid player who can play LT or RT on a theam that desperately needs some OL help.  Oh and they need a RB and a QB how can play all 16 games.....


#9 Tennessee Titans Terrence Cody DT Alabama

A junior college to division 1, he's gotta be pretty good to start on Sabin's squad.  He's a 365lb monster.


#10 Buffalo / Toronto Bills Brandon Lafell WR LSU

Maybe they keep T.O. around for a couple more years so he can mentor Lafell , there very similar players.


#11 Miami Dolphins  Arrelious Benn WR Illinois

Chad Henne needs someone to throw it to, Ginn is more of a #2 or #3 WR but a very special WR/KR.  Waych put for this team next season...


#12 San Fransisco 49's ( from Carolina )   Jimmy Clausen QB Notre Dame

Clausen is the most gifted passer of this years draft, he makes throws that the others cant.  Good situation to have him in with Crabtree, Davis, Gore and Coffee.  Dont get any better than that for a rookie.


#13 Jacksonville Jaguars Taylor Mays S USC

Jaguars fan base needs a reason to go see there team bc winning aparently isnt enough anymore, so Taylor Mays is the guy WR's better keep there heads low because he's gonna crush some diva's.


# 14 Green Bay Packers C.J. Spiller RB Clemson

Play making RB that Green Bay has needed for a while.


# 15 Dallas Cowboys Joe Haden CB Florida

Grab the best CB on the board not too bad.


#16 San Fransisco   Brandon Graham DE/OLB    Michigan

Great player on a bad Michigan team, his motor never stops and he's gonna be good for a long time.


#17 San Diego Chargers Sean Weatherspoon  OLB  Missiouri

Great player that always seems to make things happen, hopefully he can pick up Merriman's slack.  Hasnt been the same since he stopped the "juice".


#18 New York Giants Sergio Kindle OLB/DE Texas

why not?


#19 Denver Broncos ( from Chicago ) Colt McCoy QB Texas

Another great sistuation for a rookie QB..


#20 Houston Texans Carlos Dunlap DE Florida

Finally in the top half of the league, now lets work on that defense.  How about another huge and fast QB night mare? OK!


#21 New York Jets Javid Best RB/WR California

Sanchise gets another amazing weapon to play with, think of him as kinda like Percy Harvin.


#22 Cincinnati Bengals Johnathan Dwyer RB Georgia Tech

Benson Decided to play because his contract is up but why buy a Jeep When you can have Corvette???


#23 Denver Broncos Renaldo McClain ILB Alabama

Help's that Defense a ton.

#24 Baltimore Ravens Jermaine Gresham  TE  Oklahoma

Smart Pick for this team, they lack a target on offense and he is a complete TE like Brandon Pettagrew last year.  Exspect big things from this guy.


#25 Atlanta Falcons Patrick Robinson CB Florida State

Another peice to there puzzle.


#26 Arizona Cardnials Aurthur Jones DT Syaracuse

 Im suprised he did'nt go sooner, but they get a good DT to help with that solid run defense.


#27 New England Patriots Greg Hardy DE Ole MIss

Some say he's a top 10 pick so maybe he's a steal, maybe he's injury prone.  At 27 he's worth the risk.



#28 Philidalphia Eagles Brandon Spikes ILB  Florida 

Hopefully he can help there run defense, but that offense is sick!



#29 Indianapolis Colts Brian Bulaga OT Iowa

Hopefully he can keep Manning upright.


# 30 Minnesota Vikings Jevan Snead QB  Ole Mis

Damn!  Anther great place for a rookie to come into and leard from the best!  I said it doesnt get any better than this with Jimmy Clausen but I was dead wrong...  Come in and Learn from Farve for a year!  Man this kid has it made.


# 31 Pittsburgh Steelers Jason Pierre-Paul DE South Florida

Kid's got a ton of potential.


# 32 New Orleans Saints  Ricky Sapp DE Clemson

blah blah blah..




Guys Give me a break, belive it or not this took like 4hrs and about 10 other mocks to get this right...

This is my projection, and belive me I put a lot, a lot of thought into these.....   Thanks for all your comments guys!

This is so much harder and time consuming then it looks..

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