I dont get all this melo-drama bullshit....

We were 0-16. I mean really.. it will take a few years.  I dont think anyone here realizes how bad the Lions really were. Alot of people look to the Dolphins as a reference.  Loook where they are now.  F%@# 3-4.  11-5 last season.  Parcells took the short cut, of signing a bunch of FA.  Mayhew and Schwartz are building through the draft.  It will take more than one draft to get the job done. 

Jesus H. Christ...   What do you expect?  The calling cry of this site before the season was " Any given Sunday"  Well, guess what.  It works both ways.  Just because the Lions lost to the Rams.  It means the Lions are the worst team in the league?  Give me a break.  I, mean the Eagles lost to the fuckin Raiders for Christ sakes. The Skins, in back to back games lost to the Lions.  Than to the Chiefs.  Really what do you want?  How many starters do you think the Lions really have?  Do you think that White is a starter on 2/3's of the NFL teams?  Maybe,maybe not.  Give Stafford more than five games.  The Lions drafted a big time quarterback.  Give him a few years.  Look how many rookie are getting playing time.  When has that ever happen a Millen draft?  Never. 

Whats funny to me is.  That we all were here through the " defeated season".  You all can see the progress that is being made.  So, why cry now?  I just dont get it.  The Lions were being blowin out 42-10 almost every game last season.  Fuck.   This is one of the watchable season that I have seen in a long time. 

I am loving these Lions.  I am savoring every minute they play.  I just dont get why would anyone be disappoint with  this team.  I see them on the field.  Are they giving up?  Hell, no.  They have had a brutal schedule so far. 

Just kept the faith.  The direction the Lions are taking is the right one.  It will take a few years.  But for the ones who will stick around.  It will be something great.  I have never had more faith in a Lions team.  Than I do with this one.  And I have seen plenty of Lions teams. 

All this misplace negativity.  " this player got into it with fans."  " this player is missing tackles."  ect.  ect.  Than you put pads and you suit up.  Those players.  If they are shit.  Well they will be gone soon enough.  But it takes time.  Millen really fucked us.  You have to come to terms about that.  We had the worst front office in football history. 

Anyone that has been here at the POD since before the draft.  You know my post.  I am not a overly emotional person.  My post's are stat or fact base. 

I am not trying to call out any posters here.  I love all the different opinoins and personalities we have here. ( and yes that includes you rbanner).  I think, all the people who post here are what I call the 1%ers.  We are the hardest of the diehards.  We all want the Lions to to great.  We just have different views on how for them to get there.  All I am asking is have some faith.  Have some faith that Schwartz and Mayhew have a plan.  Have some faith, that some of the underachievers will blossom as players.  Just...have faith.  I love this Lions team.  It is just hard for me to read a bunch of negative comments about them

Thank you.   

Jakob Cruize  

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