Certain Lions Fans' Amnesia

I think I've posted three or four times, repetitively, after losses reminding unrealistic Stafford-doubters that they are being too demanding and expecting entirely too much this year.  This has happened because there tends to be a lot of people expressing the "I give up," "I can't take this anymore," "Where's Culpepper/Stanton?" sentiments after another admittedly tough loss. 

Granted, this loss was tough to watch.  It truly was....even when you consider that Seattle is renowned for being a VERY tough stadium to play in.  Stafford's INTs were ugly, ugly throws that should not be happening.  Especially the first 2 or 3 of the 5 that he would eventually throw.  I am making no excuses for our rookie QB, trust me.   What I have said, and will continue to say, is that he is, in fact, a ROOKIE and this sort of thing is to be expected.  Should it happen every game?  No.  Of course not.  We should be seeing promising things from Stafford more often than not.

But here's the catch.  I CALLED this result.  When they were up 17-0, I knew we would lose.   And my prediction had little to do with Stafford being our QB.   We, as a team, have yet to figure out how to close a game.  Period.  And that will take time. 

With every loss, it is understandable that Lions fans grow more impatient and desire more instant gratification.  But stop it already.  Sit back and enjoy the good things that DO happen this year.  Because, as most of us already figured, we won't be in the playoff race this year.  Perhaps not even next year. 

Be a long-term Lions fan.  Trust in the process.   Schwartz has his stuff together.  Stafford is a smart kid with many more tools than the likes of JaMarcus Russell or someone like that (who I knew would bust from the get-go).  We'll be okay soon enough.  Stop the belly-aching.  Stop the "clever" posts about how "you told us so" when it comes to Stafford.   Just stop.

The truth is, no one cares.   Yay for you, you predicted a rookie NFL QB would struggle on a team that just went 0-16.  OR yay for you, you can now criticize a rookie NFL QB for struggling.    Good should apply for the CIA. 

Restore the roar!   GO LIONS!


PS-  Shame on the Lions "fans" that directly taunted Stafford after the Rams game.   Embarrasing. 

PS2-  To rbanner:  Check your stats before you post.  Sanchez was in a similar situation when he threw his 5 INT game.  They were either leading or tied the entire time. 

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