Your Top 4 2010 (Realistic) FAs

Just like the rest of you, mock drafts are the last thing on my mind right now.  In front of us are two games that I think Detroit realistically could win if they play like they did last week against Arizona in the second half.  Not that it matters, but it would be nice to see us pull of a win or two at the end to get the offseason off to a great start mentally-speaking.  Speaking of offseason, free agency is one of the most fun times for me.  So, I thought it would be interesting to see who all of POD would love to see their beloved Lions pursue this time around.  Make sure you consider everything...from position needs, to what positions you want the team to focus on in the draft, to where we need veteran leadership most.  If you were Mayhew, what would you do?   List your top 4 FAs and give a brief explanation as to why you chose them.  Why 4?  Just because.  4 reasonable and believable choices.  Go.
(If someone finds a more updated and/or organized version of the list, post it!)

QB - We need a solid, veteran backup for Stafford in case our offensive line continues its all-too-familiar struggles.  Stanton may or may not have that ability...but I feel we still need another body there that can go into a game and not totally lose the confidence of the team like Culpepper has recently.

RB-  Assuming Kevin Smith comes back healthy next year after a successful rehab, we are doing decent at the RB position.  Maurice Morris has shown he has the ability to be a good veteran backup.  Again, it falls on our O-line to really let these guys blast off.  Aaron Brown is also solid if he can get a little stronger physically.

WR-  We need to get someone to take some of the pressure away from Megatron.  Bryant Johnson is a keeper, but needs to improve more still.  I'd like to see much, much more out of Derrick Williams.   I can stand to see us go out and grab another receiver that can help out more here.   Not in the draft, but in FA.

TE-  We're good here.  Pettigrew will be back healthy next year with experience under his belt....Heller has been reliable at times.  I think with both of them in, we have more talent here than we've had in a long, long time. 

K-  Jason Hanson will always hold a special place in my Lions fan heart.  However, he is showing his age slightly.  The future of the kicker situation should be addressed soon while Hanson could show the kid the ropes...unless we just go out there and get a FA, which wouldn't be economical if you ask me.  The Chiefs were smart by picking that kicker (Succop) as Mr. Irrelevant.

P-  Nick Harris.  'Nuff said.

OL-  I couldn't be more dissapointed in our offensive line, which has pretty much been my feelings for many years.  I've never felt totally confident in our line's ability to protect the QB and create a consistent run game.  We could REALLY stand to finally address this issue seriously in the upcoming offseason, rather than bringing in players who weren't able to make the starting squad somewhere else and come to Detroit so that they CAN start.  Realistically, we'll address it in the draft.

DL-  Same dissappointment here as in the offensive line.  We have recorded too many sacks this year, and we don't seem to make things easier on the secondary by getting to the opposing QB often enough.  I'd like to see us get Suh just like the rest of you, but I am not putting my hopes and dreams on it.  Plus, McCoy looks to have excellent upside to him as well.  Realistically, we will likely go for one of them in the draft....whoever is available.

LB- I felt good about our LB squad going into the season, and I still do..but with some hesistancy.  I think Schwartz can turn them into powerhouses with the right supporting cast. 

DB-  Embarassing all year long.  We definitely need to bring in much more suitable players here, no matter how we do it.  I'd like to see veterans rather than rookies though.  Delmas is an excellent bright spot in the defense.  He reminds me of Bob Sanders in some ways....which scares me because Sanders hits people so hard, he injures himself regularly.  I hope Delmas can find a way to be a disciplined missile out there.


If I were Mayhew, I would do all I could to sign (in no particular order):

1.   Antonio Bryant - WR - TB Bucs

2.   Sage Rosenfels - QB - Vikings

3.   Roman Harper - NO Saints

4.    Ray Edwards - DL - Vikings


And yours?

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Pride Of Detroit or its writers.

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