QB Questions

I am just wondering why we would take a QB with the 1st Overall Pick or even the 1st 2 Rounds? and here are some of the reasons i ask

1st Reason-Why Draft someone who has to come in and fight for the right to start even though Culpepper,Kitna,Stanton and Henson may not be the best QBs but they are Vets and i can not see the Coaching staff just naming some cocky kid Starter cause he is highly touted no the Vets are fighting for that right to start and they are shooting to kill

2nd Reason-The O-Line sucks so throwing a Rookie QB right in the fire right away could end his career rather quick

3rd Reason-The Coaching staff knows the O-Line sucks so they are going to draft an O-Lineman with the 20th overall Pick just so the new QB has someone to protect him so then you just wasted the first round picks on guys who are going to beef up the stronger half of the team while maybe the worst Defense in history gets nobody to help out which goes back to my first reason draft Aaron Curry there is no way this guy will lose out to guys like Dizon and Lenon and after that Alphonso Smith i think he can take the likes of Keith Smith and Travis Fisher and oh yeah you draft an OT do you really think Backus is going to give up without a fight i dont he may suck but he has experiance and knows how to handle a NFL DE now you could say the same about Curry and Smith but these guys just plain out have more talent then their compitiion

4th Reason-Does anyone honestly believe that any QB in this class has what it takes to take this team to the Playoffs? i dont because Defense wins Championships

5th Reason-If we draft a QB and he flops does this mean we need another "Face of the Franchise" in next years Draft? i hope not i mean look this is why the Lions are bad they needed to take guys who could have huge "Franchise Player" potential guys like Joey Harrington,Charles Rogers,Mike Williams you could even argue Roy Williams and Kevin Jones also Shaun Rogers,Kalimba Edwards,Shaun Cody,Boss Bailey,Teddy Lehman so on and so forth we drafted these guys hoping for a superstar instead of filling a hole

well there are 5 reasons i think QB is not a great choice

Give me some feedback here i would like to hear some arguements as to why we shoul take a QB in the 1st 2 Rounds

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