Offseason idea

we dont bring in any high profile players, all solid guys that can contribute right away and help us finally turn this terrible nightmare of a ship around

Free agency:

-Nate Washington, WR, PIT (another deep threat, take heat off of CJ, and will love the chance to be a go to guy)

-Amani Toomer,WR, NYG (won a superbowl already, retire back where he played college ball)

-JJ Arrington,RB,ARI (will be legit 2nd option, good to take some carries off of Ksmooth)

-Daniel Loper,OT,TEN (good as a backup or possible step in LG)

-Antonio Smith, DE, ARI (we need some rush ends, he played well in the playoffs)

-Kalimba Edwards, DE, OAK (believe me I know, but I think Schwartz will turn him into a good player)

-Colin Cole, DT, GB (big body and we need depth)

-Rosevelt Colvin, LB, NE (a veteran on defense, will be looking for an oppurtunity even though it will be a back up role)

-Mike Peterson, LB, JAX (Schwartz will talk him into coming in and playing his system and will be a steal signing)

-Leigh Bodden, CB, DET ( might have already been discussed that they want him back as a starter but wanted to restructure the contract, he won't be offered a starting job any where else after last season)

-Chris Carr, CB, TEN (will reunite with Schwartz, good CB for depth and KR/PR)

-Jabari Greer, CB, BUF (will be offered a starting job here and will take it)

-Vincent Fuller, S, TEN (a good backup, brings depth to a much needed position)



1. Aaron Curry, LB, Wake Forest (Best player in the draft, will have an immediate impact, perfect for Schwartz's defense)

20. Josh Freeman, QB, KState (we pass on the plague that is a first overall QB, I think the Lions will see the can't miss oppurtunity this late in the draft, can sit behind and learn from Cpep)

33. Alex Mack, C/G, California (a good pick here, he will be able to step in and start at Guard right away and protect their new QB investment, all the top LT's will be gone)

65. Fili Moala, DT, USC (a good player from a good school, can come in and help right away)

82. Chase Coffman, TE, Missouri (a great pass catcher, another target to help our new QB)

129. Terrance Taylor, DT, Michigan (great showing at combine, brings depth in at a WEAK position)

last picks spent on more defense, good CB/KR/PR and then another defensive player for depth, I like someone like WIll Johnson, DT, Michigan an absolute gym monster, could help




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