is Stafford falling because of the Cassel Trade? and could Mark Sanchez and Josh Freeman be there at #20?

Hey look at the top 19 picks and their QBs real quick

Detroit=Daunte Culpepper yeah he isn't the best QB but he has been given the Job so really a QB #1 overall isn't going to help us at all this year

St Louis=Mark Bulger yeah you could Draft him here but i think Bulger is good enough for them

Kansas City=Matt Cassell they just traded for him they are commiting to him

Seattle=Matt Hasselback yep he is injury prone but you dont push a QB like this away

Cleveland=Brady Quinn (with Derek Anderson in backup) still young and they drafted him to take them somewhere

Cincinnati=Carson Palmer basicly they have the same issue as the Seahawks

Oakland=JaMarcus Russell same issue as the Browns

Jacksonville=David Garrard they might take Stafford just because Davie Boy is kinda inconsistant but i still think the Vet is going to get the nod

Green Bay=Aaron Rodgers he is their QB that much is sure

San Francisco=Matthew Stafford this is where i think he is going to end up

Buffalo=Trent Edwards still young and pretty good too

Denver=Jay Cutler Pro Bowl QB

Washington=Jason Campbell some inconsistency but i think he is going to get the job done so i think the Redskins are sticking with him

New Orleans=Drew Brees need i say more

Houston=Matt Schaub he is the starter and if he goes down they are going to have Orvlosky to back him up

San Diego=Phillip Rivers need i say more

NY Jets=Erik Ainge i think that Ainge is going to get this job or they are going to get a solid QB in FA i think their draft pick is going to be Defensive but if not look for a Mark Sanchez going to NY

Chicago=Kyle Orton hey for some reason the Bears have committed to him and plus i think they will go Defense with this pick 

Tampa Bay=Mark Sanchez i think unless they get a QB via Trade Sanchez is their guy

that is the top 19 picks that leaves Freeman there at 20 and maybe even Sanchez so this where i think there is going to be discussion do we take a QB or do we take some other Position? but at #1 Overall i think we have to take Aaron Curry or Jason Smith there will be QBs at #20 

well those are my thoughts so let me know what you think


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