My Predictions for the 2009 season

I know it's incredibly early to be predicting things but I thought it would be a bit of fun before the draft.

-  Draft:
Pick #1/ Matt Stafford, QB.
Pick #20/ Michael Oher, OT
Pick #33/ Evander Hood, DT
PIck #65/ Dannell Ellerbe, MLB
Pick #82/ Chase Coffman, TE

(The rest of the picks are unimportant, remember this is my prediction not what I want.)

- Preseason: We go 2-2 with no major injuries. Stafford shows potential but only plays a few snaps a game.


- Regular Season:
We finish 5-11, have a pretty good season with only an few games being blow outs.

The O-line shows improvement but still struggles giving up 40+ sacks, run blocking improves. Oher solidifies LT, Backus shifts to LG after a few games.

QB position is unsettled. Culpepper does alright but gets injured during wk 5. Stafford starts from then on and is up and down. Finishes with 12 TD and 13 INTs with a 55% completion rate.

Kevin Smith has a strong season, posting 1150 yds and 10 scores. Felton also demonstrates talent as a goal-line threat by scoring 3 TDs.

Calvin Johnson repeats his great season in 2008 and goes to the Pro-bowl. Manages 1150 yds and 13 TDs with an average of 16yds per catch. Bryant Johnson is mediocre finsihing with 400yds and 2 TDs. Chase Coffman beats out Michael Gaines during pre-season and plays well, finsihing with 650yds and 4 TDs.

Grady Jackson gets injured in Wk 2 bringing Hood into the starting line-up. Both Hood and Darby are decent but not great. Avril starts at DE after wk 7, and finishes the season with 9 sacks and as a pro-bowl alternate. White & Devries combine for only 3 sacks.

Our Linebackers play strongly and stand out in our defence. Peterson shows some nice form and ends up with 8 sacks and 2 FF. Sims has another 100+ tackle season but also manages 3 INTs. Ellerbe starts in the middle and cement his spot with 3 sacks and 2 INTs and 100+ tackles.

Our Defensive Backs are something of a weak spot. Buchanon plays well with 4 INTs, 2 of which go back for TDs. Henry struggles at CB. Alexander gets injured once again and is on and off the field for most of the season. Bullocks has another season where he manages around 100 tackles but no INTs.

Postseason: Vikings win the NFC North and get beaten in the Wild Card week. The Superbowl is played between the Colts and Giants. They call it 'The Battle of the Mannings'. Colts win 28-7.


So they are my predictions, feel free to disagree with them all.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Pride Of Detroit or its writers.

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