My First and only Mock Draft

First off, I really do not like these things.  Mock drafts are more of an eight year olds' christmas wish list.  But since my wife thinks I act like a child.  Here we go.  And I am doing two versions.  One, for all the Curry- manics.  And one for all Stafford man-crush backers.  In mine there are no trades.  The Lions have not given me the power to make trades(yet). 

#1.  Aarron Curry- ILB/OLB  6"2 254lbs.  Wake Forest

With NO ILB on the roster.  Curry is a dominating force. Enough said.

#20 Evander Hood-DT 6"3 300lbs. Missouri

Great size and strenght.  Played in a 3-4 defence.  Does not have the burst of quickness like Raji or Jerry.  But he is stronger, and a gap filler.

#33.  Eric Wood. OG/C/OT 6"4 310 Louisville

Can play all the O-line positions.  Has an OT reach( 34 inches).  recording 78 knockdowns, sixteen touchdown-resulting blocks in 2008.

#65. Sherrod Martin-CB 6"1 198lbs. Troy

Early career injuries have showed his progress.  But he has good speed and footwork.  Could fight for Herny's spot. At the #2 CB.

#82 Paul Kruger DE 6"4 263lbs. Utah.

61 tackles.  7.5 sacks.  With some added weight he could be a outside "bull rusher". 

#174 Clinton McDonald DT 6"2 283lbs. Memphis

Had a good pro day.  36 reps on the bench.  Led the Tiger with 7 sacks.  Needs to add weight.  But could be a sub for the older DT's on the roster.

Dan Gronkowski TE 6"6 255lbs Maryland.

Was known as a very good blocker.  Maryland changed to the West Coast offense last season.  And he became a very good receiver as well. 

#255 Nick Reed ILB 6"2 245lbs.  Oregon

The kid can play.  He was a DE at Oregon.  But not big enough to play it at the NFL level.  Would be a good back-up to Curry.

NO QB in my Curry draft.  If you dont take 'em in the first.  Just dont take one.

on to the Stafford draft.

#1 Matt Stafford. QB 6"2 225lbs. Georgia

Great fotball I.Q.  Great arm strenght.  Good accuracy.  Could be a Francise QB.

#20 Evander Hood DT  6"3 300lbs.  Missouri

*see above*

#33 James "animal jr." Laurinaitis ILB 6"2 244lbs Ohio State.

Great natural instincts.  Does not make alot of "highlight" tackles.  But always finds himself around the ball.

#65 Lawrence Sidbury DE 6"3 266lbs  Richmond

Quick, Athletic, with good strengh.  Was on the Track and field team.  Fits the mold of a Jevon Kearse.  Just shorter.

#82 Kraig Urkik OG 6"5 328lbs Wisconsin

Was injuried this season.  The Badgers went 1-5 without him.  Great run blocker.  With good NFL size and strengh.  Could be at either guard positions. 

#82 Morgan Trent CB 6"1 193lbs. Michigan

Good size,and a good tackler.  Needs to improve his awarness and back peddling technique.

#192 Dan Gronkowski TE 6"6 255lbs. Maryland

*see above*

#255 Blake Schlunter C 6"3 290 TCU

A pure athlete, everything you want out of a center ... except maybe size. 

So there it is.  NO LT.  But I thought the line played well late in the year.  And the defense is the unit with the most needs.  Well that wasted about an hour and a half of my day.  So let the pundits have at it..  I dont care who is drafted first.  I am looking at the draft as a whole.  The Lions have done a horrilbe job.  Of finding starters in the later rounds.  I am hoping that this year will be different.  Go Lions.



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