In Light of the Stafford Signing, A New Mock Draft

Pick #1 Matthew Stafford (QB out of Georgia)

Well here we have it. The signal caller to lead our offense now (and hopefully) into the future. I don't think Mayhew & Co. drafted Stafford without looking up every intricate of every throw he's ever made. Schwartz confirms this:

"We've seen every pass he's thrown in the last two years, and that's where you learn about his decision-making ability," Schwartz said last month.

You can't be against this deal. We needed a quarterback, and Stafford has been the big name for a while. The Lions situation played a lot like the Falcon's last year. Atlanta talked up big Glenn Dorsey ad naseum until they looked at their depth chart and realized 'Blue Skies' was their starting quarterback. Matt Ryan had to be the pick. As much as we love Curry, and as much as Lewand let out tantalizing comments about how much they loved Curry too, it was unavoidable, we need a staple of the franchise. I personally, was a proponent of drafting an Offensive Tackle since day 1. But, as it stands Stafford's the man, so let's get it done Lions.


Stafford highlights


Pick #20 Michael Oher (OT out of Ole Miss)

I am a person who believes the "Golden Rule of Football" is If you don't have an quarterback Offensive Line, You draft one. Jeff Backus, Dominic Raoila, Peterman, Cherilus? The Lions haven't had an above average O-Line in decades. Even Barry Sanders didn't have an O-Line to run behind. Barry turned them all into Pro Bowlers. The need for O-Line has increased in severity since the drafting of Matt Stafford. We made the investment in quarterback. Now we need to insure that  investment with a Tackle that'll keep him off his ass during his tenure at the Lions. The drafting of Oher kills 2 birds with 1 stone. By drafting the Tackle out of Ole MIss, we allow Jeff Backus to move to guard, fortifying two O-Line positions at once.  It is common knowledge that an average OT can be made into a pretty good guard. With the entire left side of the O-Line taken care of, we can be comfortable that Matt Stafford won't bust because of a horrible O-Line. Oher is a stretch to fall here (I've seen him go to the Jags at #13) but if he does, you can bet the Lions will be sprinting to hand this card in.


Oher Highlights


Pick #33 Evander Hood (DT out of Mizzou)

Head Coach Jim Schwartz has made it clear he wants to build the trenches, and he'll address that with the 33rd by drafting star defensive tackle out of Missouri, Ziggy Hood. The drafting of Hood will allow our linebackers to focus less on the middle and more on running around and making plays. Hood is a space eater and will do well with our D-Line loving coach.


Ziggy Hood Highlights

Pick #65 Jasper Brinkley (MLB out of South Carolina)

One of my favorite prospects in the draft and a potential steal, Jasper Brinkley was a big (literally) player for the Gamecocks in 2006 and early 2007. He led his team in tackles by a wide margin and made the All-SEC team. Although he injured his knee in 2007 and required surgery. He wasn't the same player in 2008. Enter the draft, and he had an amazing combine putting up 26 reps (3rd highest among MLBs) and running a 4.72 (also 3rd highest among MLBs).Better than both James Laurinaitis, and Rey Maualuga. It appears Brinkley is back to 100% and is ready to make an impact in the NFL. Brinkley is also a big guy at 252 lbs and he can deliver the big hit. No more tweeners at the linebacker position, it's time for a BIG player.


I want HIM in the middle of our defense.

Here's a video documenting Jasper's Rehab process.

And some highlights


Pick #82 Kevin Barnes (CB out of Maryland)

Another potential Sleeper, Kevin Barnes had an excellent 2007 season but suffered a season-ending shoulder injury in 2008 and required surgery which put a premature end on what could've been a remarkable 2008 season. Many projected Barnes as a 1st day prospect pre-shoulder injury and the Lions could get an excellent player if he can play similar to before the injury. He had good combine numbers (4.52 40) and put up the best Wonderlic score of any rookie with a 41. He needs to get stronger if he is to defend the stronger WRs in the NFL, but he can deliver the big hit and is a reliable tackler. He will be able to start immediately alongside Phillip Buchanon as the #2 Corner and shift Anthony Henry to Safety.


Kevin Barnes Highlights


 Pick #174 Cameron Morrah (TE out of California)

Good late round pickup at the Tight End position. He's athletic and has good quickness. He's a pretty decent route runner and will greatly help Stafford as he adjusts to the speed of the game. If Calvin and Bryant are covered he won't have to take the sack if the TE is available for a dump off pass. Morrah has alot of upside because he didn't have much Playing time in college.


Cameron Morrah highlights


Pick #192 Cornelius Lewis (OG out of Tennessee St.)

Won't be anything more than a backup, but he has some amazing physical tools even though he played for a small college. He's got good bulk at 6'3 332 lbs. He's quick and athletic. Stays light on his feet. Gets a good push in the run game. Could be a diamond in the rough.



Pick #255 (?) Jarius Wynn (DE out of Georgia)

Some depth for the D-Line. Jarius Wynn is an intriguing prospect, but probably won't be much in the NFL. He's got great bulk (275 lbs). He uses his hands well and he's versatile. His best qualities, however are he's a hard worker and he possesses a great motor. Really aggressive and bullrushes opposing tackles. Needs to improve repetoire of pass rushing moves.




Argue it in the comments :)

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