Hyperion's Draft Review

Well, the 2009 Draft is officially over and we have a bunch of new Lions to support. I thought I'd give my opinions on each selection as well as give a grade.

#1 - Matthew Stafford, QB, Georgia

We have discussed this pick to the hilt on POD and really there isn't much else to say. I like the kid, he speaks well, has a big arm, good intangibles and great mechanics. He has his concerns with accuracy and decision making but for the most part I'm happy with the selection. I hope to see him play at some point this year, but not until after week 12 or something. I'm excited about the possibility of a franchise QB on our teams.
Grade: B

20 - Brandon Pettigrew, TE, Oklahoma St.

At first I was a little confused, since we had it set that we had Oher or Maualuga lined up, but I really like this pick now. Pettigrew is the best TE in this draft and probably the best all round TE to come out for a while. I've made it pretty clear here on POD about how I like good TE's and I think we have just got ours. He's gonna be a huge help in run blocking and will be a good safety valve for Culpepper and Stafford.
Grade: A

33 - Loius Delmas, S, Western Michigan

Another talent pick over need. Like the Grew pick, I was confused, even a little annoyed when Delmas was announced over Maualuga but like with most of our picks, doing a little research has made me happier. Delmas is the best safety in this draft and having a good safety is important for a defence. I also think Delmas will be a huge help stopping the run who will make big hits for us. Impressive pick.
Grade: A-

76 - Deandre Levy, OLB, Wisconsin
Right now, I'm not a fan of this pick. I've done a little bit more research on him and he seems to be only decent. He's fast for a LB and is a good pass rusher. Can he move inside? I doubt it, but Schwartz obviously seems something in Levy and I trust him so while I would've picked someone else, I'm not gonna be angry about it. We'll see how he turns out soon.
Grade - D

82 - Derrick Williams, WR, Penn St.
Once again, I was annoyed with this pick. But after more research, I don't mind it so much. I would've been on board with this pickmuch more if we hadn't signed Ronald Curry but I still think Williams will contribute. He's a fantastic kick returner and to be honest, we need one of those. He's also very fast and could be dangerous in the slot. I also think he underachieved in college and could break out in the pros. Like most picks though, could have went to MLB or OG.
Grade: C+

115 - Sammie Lee Hill, DT, Stillman

My god, a need pick! A small school guy who will be a big body in the D-Line, something we definetly needed. Learning under Grady Jackson could be very beneficial for Hill and he could flourish as a big run stopper. Lots of potential as well.
Grade: B

192 - Aaron Brown, RB, TCU

Not a fan of this pick. RB was probably the one position we were pretty strong. I don't see his value. He may be able to return, but we just got a returner in Williams. Unless we are trying to get a three way running attack of Smith, the main back, Morris, the big back and Brown the quick back, I just don't like it. I won't give this an F since we don't know how these players will turn out but it's not far off.
Grade: D-

228 - Lydon Murtha, OT, Nebraska

This is our big boom/bust pick. Murtha was rated as a top 50 prospect out of high school and lit up the combine but as a college player was vastly inconsistent. If we can coach him up and maximise his potential, we could have a replacement for Backus. Right now though, I think he will be a backup Tackle or a possible Guard.
Grade: B-

235 - Zack Follett, OLB, California

I don't mind this pick. I know we have a lot of OLB's right now but I like Follett. The guy is a special teams master and will be of help to us. The only problem is, we have lots of needs that we more pressing than this...a lot. Interestingly, I think Follett would be better suited to the middle than Levy since he seems to be a better run stopper.
Grade: C

255 - Dan Gronkowski, TE, Maryland

I think this is the worst pick, which is sorta OK since this is the second last pick in the whole draft, I don't think you can expect great value at that position. In saying that, Ellerbe was still on the board so I would've been very happy with him. I think the worst part about this pick is that he appears to be a blocker and we signed one in Will Heller not long ago. Wasteful.
Grade: D-

Overall Grade: B-

On the whole, I think we done OK. Could have done better. Our first day was the standout with three quality picks while our second day was very hit and miss. I'm pumped for the season now...bring it on!




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