What do we do ????????????????

  From what I have read over the last couple of weeks on POD and other blogs is that Lions fans are torn between who to take with our picks. I've read people preaching and bashing Stafford, curry, both Smiths, Monroe, Raji and Sanchez with the first pick but what about the rest of the draft. The names that i keep hearing from most of you in the later picks are Brace, Hood,  Larinitus, Moreno, Delmas, Scott, Ingram, White, Mack, Pettigrew, Jerry, Oher, etc.

 We need and not in this order QB,OT,MLB,CB,DT,TE and alot of people say DE,WR,SS,R/LG and more depth at other positions so if you look at it pretty much every position needs a starter or a backup. So who do we pick. the names above are who alot of people consider elites at their  positions. So any of the above at 1 except Andre would make some happy but piss off everyone else. so what do we do.

 Take a Raji at 1 and hope that Smith or Oher fall to 20 then Larinitus at 33 then  CB/DE/ or White

 Take Stafford  at 1 then Ray Ma at 20 then what about OT at 33 to protect him is anyone worthy.

 Take any of the OT at 1 and will Sanchez fall to 20 or is freeman worthy or where do we go from there 2010

 Every time i see Curry at 1 the rest of the mock drafts are  never even close to each other.

Everyone has totally different opinions about how this draft will work out and how they want it to go. but what is the most important position to fill first. if we take Curry  1st will Ray Ma be there at 20 or Larinitus at 33, If we take J. Smith,Monroe at 1 will A.Smith or Oher be there at 20, Raji at 1 will Brace be there at 33, Stafford at 1 will Sanchez be there at 20. Etc,Etc.

I even read today on a Bears web site that everyone (Packers, Bears, Viks) are saying that they are happy as hell that we got the #1 pick in the worst draft class ever!!!!!!!!


I've been in Iraq for the last 3 1/2 out of 5 years so all my Lions, Red Wings, Tigers, Pistons and Wolverines games have been via Internet. Alot of people back home complain about even watching a lions game but i would love to even see a hole season and i will miss about 3/4 of this one too.

 So if you guys think i'm a little ignorant on the subjects than cut me some slack. Once i found out about this site i was amazed. it feels like home  here even if i am 3000 miles away.


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