Double digit losses predicted for 2009?



With the additions of Pettigrew, Foote, Peterson, Buchannon. With the new hires of Linehan, Cunningham as OC/DC With the New HC that has groomed under Jeff Fisher and has been influenced by Bill Belicheck. With a possible 7 new starters on defense. With a division that has One team with a totally new Defense, One team that can't find a QB, and one team that just traded an arm and a leg for a PB QB...... I tell you what.... all of you projecting Detroit with double digit losses have an awakening coming.

You won't even recognize our defense.

Detroit's linebacking core could be considered top 5 in talent.

The Secondary will be freed up from zone coverage and be allowed to "play the game of football" (I'm hoping for big things from Keith Smith) The question mark is still on the DLine... but I like the Flu and Cohen(last year's picks)... I think they'll raise our eyebrows this season.

The offense... well the offense really wasn't that bad when we had a consistant QB. And with the addition of Pettigrew, Bryant Johnson, and Mo Mo... I think the both the pass and the rush will be much improved.  As for the Oline, The talent was there last year, the communication and mental aspect was not... I do look forward to Linehan to correct those two things.

Special teams? Most of Detroit's pickups have been leading special teamers and with the 2 rookies Williams and Brown... one of them(if not both) will show to be a threat on every kickoff and punt.

Alot of optimism... most of it fed by the additions of Foote and Peterson... the rest fed by two former head coaches as DC and OC looking for redemtion and a young head coach that has been grooming himself for this job for 12 years+ by idoling Jeff Fisher and Bill Belicheck.

Am I wrong to feel any optimism?  Am I wrong to think that last year's record is a bunk argument as this team will have no similarities of last year?   The changes made in Detroit have been leaps and bounds more than any other team in the division... Well Chicago has Cutler... So what, who's he going to throw to besides his TE?... not only that, they had a step back defensively last year... AND Marinelli is on that team... Does anyone else smell blood? Well Minnesota's Defense is too good and they picked up Sage.... Please, yes the Vikings D is good and Yes AP is freakishly awesome... but neither Sage nor Tjack will never be a capable consistant threat in this league... They will never be the "trent Dilfer" the Vikings are hoping for. Wellthe Packers will be running a 3-4 and Rogders is a damn good QB.... First of all, I can't wait for GB's attempt at the 3-4... and as for Rodgers, he may be consistant, but his WRs are not, his RB is not, and his Oline is not.  We made them look like superstars last year with our pathetic Defense. The Lions are a different team.  Any regards to last season's schemes, preformance, etc... I think are bunk arguments. That is why I predicted 8-8.  Flame away.

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