I haven’t posted in awhile, but I have checked in everyday. I have been following the OTA’s that started this week and I am getting amped for the season to start up. I like the small video of Stafford here, love his demeanor. (sorry if someone has linked this previously)


I have in turn been engrossed by my other Detroit Love interests. The Wings playoffs, Tigers hot streak (Leyland sticking with EJ yesterday?! Major balls), and the Pistons rebuilding.  I know I have said it before, but there isn’t a better run professional sports organization in America than the Wings. They have 3 Super duper stars that haven’t even tallied a point in this series, yet they are up 2-0. Their scouting is unreal. I can’t miss a second! And I have been reading up on the Pistons. Gearing up for the draft, I believe Joe has some moves planned (good or bad, lately his moves have been bad). Waiting on our Boston miracle, ala Danny Ainge.


(Here comes my Pistons rant; if you don’t follow the Pistons thank you for reading this far)


Anyone else just sick right now watching Chauncey in the West Finals? I was heartbroken when he was traded and I have suffered a serious hangover ever since. I thoroughly enjoyed the Pistons getting swept by the Cavs, The Palace sounding like Quicken Loans Arena, it just made me feel all gooey inside... (sarcasm)

I was yelling at my TV, and cursing Joe Dumars every game. Now I hear that Ben Gordon is a target in the off-season. You’re telling me that we can add Ben Gordon as opposed to having Chauncey Billups?! What a huge upgrade! Not. And all that cap space we traded for? Gone…. Due to the economy. We were supposed to have excess of $32 million, now were looking at $26-$27 million. Might not sound like much of a difference, but in all actuality it’s huge! $5-$6 million is the veteran minimum. That’s a player we just lost out on, or the difference in a bidding war with another team.  Makes rebuilding that much harder. With the space available Joe can add 2 marquee players (cough). Are the Pistons 2 players away? No, not considering the talent that has been mentioned. Boozer, Memo, Milsap (wait, talking about all these Utah players they must have won the Title, right?) If Bosh or a player of his caliber isn’t added to this team, Joe has some ‘splainin to do. Trading away a top 3 point guard for (limited) cap space is ridiculous. We should have walked away with their 2009, 2010 first round picks, that could have helped us obtain a player from another team. Because of the move Denvers GM won the Executive of the year award for petes sake!!


Don’t fool yourselves making the Playoffs this year was no feat. We ended the season with a losing record, so what if we qualified for the Leastern Conference playoffs? We lost draft position to say we made the playoffs? I feel so much better, wait we are rebuilding... Then in his end of season presser he stated that Stuckey isn’t a true point? Their going to address that need, WTF?! Stuck would have been better playing with Chauncey than RIP in the long term. This team is nowhere near a contender, not even for the Conference. Watching Chauncey and “Melo light up the Bestern Conference, with less surrounding talent than what is currently on the Pistons roster makes me sick.

 ‘Melo? Yeah we could have had him. But we had Tay, right? We didn’t need a 3, is that why he is being shopped around right now? No one wanted ‘Melo because of his attitude, he  has been a stud since Chauncey joined him.They are 2 superstars playing like superstars, the difference with Chauncey? He’s healthy, we haven’t seen him healthy in awhile; and now that he is look at him go. Poor Joe. Talent wins, period. Walter Sharpe, the guy we traded out of the first round for? We took him over CDR, and Chalmers. Didn’t they have impressive rookie campaigns? Millen has hit on more talent in the Draft over Joe. That’s sad, and yes I know football has 7 rounds.


There will be individuals that will call me out as fair weather, but I am still a die hard Pistons fan. I love Detroit sports too much to sit idly by and not voice my opinion. That’s why Blogs were created. That’s why majority of us Lions fans complained during and after the draft. The Pistons and all the love for Joe needs to be put on probation, the man has made serious mistakes and everyone is giving him a pass. Dombroskie was fried last year, but praised the 2 previous years. Now he looks like a genius again. Follow the track record, Joe needs to step off of his mighty horse and focus. Joe has been granted 5 years of free passes due to winning a title. Now it is time to perform again. We demanded it from Chauncey, and he paid the price. When does Joe?


   Everyone loves Mayhew right now, and with my current feelings for Joe D I am going to step off the Mayhew love train until the season is underway. Too many times we label GM’s geniuses. I was ecstatic when we hired Millen, hated him at the end. Unless your name is Ken Holland, the jury is out.

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