I'm Really Excited for '09

I don't claim to have any basis for my thoughts, but I know the Lions tendancies, and I've paid alot of attention to what direction they've been going in. Daunte is going to get to prove himself... I think the FO (the holdovers everyone bitches about) lived through throwing a QB at us and they won't do it again. They brought Linehan in for a reason guys, and this was when they knew they were taking Stafford. Feel free to post your beliefs, since now that the draft is over, I have to start speculating on something else.

Week #1 @ New Orleans L - NO is strong at home
Week #2 Minnesota W - Lions will claim their first win in over a year
Week #3 Washington W - Detroit will be so pumped they'll roll (big win)
Week #4 @ Chicago L - Whoever it was that said the Lions are weak at home was right
Week #5 Pittsburgh L - Nope, not yet guys.
Week #6 @ Green Bay L - Our division is damn good this year... welcome back to the black and blue

Bye - Decision Week (2-4)

Week #8 St. Louis W - Daunte and Linehan win one for the gipper to save his (Daunte's) job
Week #9 @ Seattle L - They'll be deceptively good this year. Which leads up to Staff stepping up in...
Week #10 @ Minnesota BIG W - Stafford will make it happen. I believe this kid wants to be good for this team.
Week #11 Cleveland W - 1st year rebuild. Stafford wins another. People start getting their hopes up :(
Week #12 Green Bay W - Home game, people will actually be there, believe it or not.
Week #13 @ Cincinnati L - That team is going to be a wildcard this year. Everyone forgot about Carson
Week #14 @ Baltimore L - Reality sets in. Staff isn't Matt Ryan, and we're not the Falcons.
Week #15 Arizona W - Only in a shootout. Cards' D got stripped this year.
Week #16 @ San Francisco W - Lions usually play the 9ers pretty bad.. Plus the 49s are worse than us (sorry)

Week #17 Chicago W - This is interesting because it leaves us either at 9-7 (best record in years?) or 8-8 (still not bad). But 9-7 could potentially (in this division especially) even earn a playoff berth. With that, I believe the Lions will pull through because the rest of the Bears schedule is going to make them a burst through a division rival and into the playoffs.

EDIT: I just randomly found this online. It is hilarious. Please don't have a terrible sense of humor about it.

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