10,000 seasons


According to AccuScore, here were the results when Favre was the Vikings' quarterback:

  • Minnesota won 42 percent of the seasons
  • Green Bay won 30 percent
  • Chicago won 28 percent
  • Detroit won 0 percent.

Without Favre, and with Tarvaris Jackson and Sage Rosenfels splitting snaps for the Vikings, it was essentially a three-way tie:

  • Green Bay won 34 percent of the seasons
  • Minnesota won 34 percent
  • Chicago won 32 percent
  • Detroit won 0 percent

That's right. The fellas at AccuScore didn't have the Lions winning the NFC North title in any of the 20,000 total simulations run. I guess there's always next year.


To kinda of extend on last weeks MADDEN 2010 ratings, this week of "Better Luck Next Year Detroit Lions" continues with Seiferts comments about the whole 10,000 seasons that were simulated with/without Farve. This shows thw Lions not winning 1 season out of 10,000 seasons!!! i still think the ratings given on Sports Games directly reflects the outlook everyone has on this team and its Expectations. To go as far as 10,000 seasons with Drafts/Free Agents/Player Development and everything the lions were still unable or not allowed to win 1 season with LUck/Skill/Ratings on their side.

This only displays the growing preception that the LIONS will not win and have very little,if any chance at all at turning this ship around. To be negative and condicending is not good but what would be an adequete move to improve...i mean a change in OWNERSHIP?change in spending HABITS (ie REDSKINS money is no thang) what would help us win 1 season out of 10,000??

What happened to the DRAFT and FREE Agents as well???10,000 season we have to hit another BARRY SANDERS again or something.......

Are these teams really that good? (not likely) Are these teams 1 player away from superbowl?? (maybe Vikings without injury)Are these teams really that good against us?Spygate or what i mean seriously lock up ALLEN PARK throw some WILDCAT/SHOTGUN/2MIN Drills and get it together!!

and even so if everyone thinks the Vikings are 1 player away from the superbowl.....we almost beat you ....TWICE...0-16 season...and still almost had your number....what does that tell you?? that they are not really the team they say they are?but i digress...


This is almost turning into another BCS ordeal with a CONCIL making the results or matchups or Schedules and not letting DIVISION-2A teams (LIONS) get a chance or given the opportunity to be the next BOISE STATE,UTAH,APP STATE...

BETTER LUCK NEXT YEAR??? i would hope everyone is saying THIS IS OUR YEAR! AND NEXT YEAR ILL BE BACK EVEN BETTER!after giving you everything i got this season.


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