An Unlikely Scenario...But Hey, I Can Dream

I decided today to write a story, something that I've dreamt of and thought about a lot. A Lions Superbowl victory. Now, Don't go ahead and laugh yet....actually, please do, because in some ways, this is a bit of comic relief. Now, like all of us here at POD, I'm believe firmly in my Lions, and I will until I die but I think we all can agree that a Superbowl is many, many years away. However, I love to believe that the seemingly impossible is possible, so who knows?

This post is not a prediction but rather a scenario I would love to see come true,which I have just set it this season, instead of years away. Please enjoy a laugh, a smile or just a quiet daydream of what could happen

Season 2009 - The Start of the Lions Golden Age.


Week 1: @ New Orleans Score: NO 31 - DET 14 (Record 0-1)

A scratchy opening to the season in Louisiana, the Saints offence rolls too strongly and our inexperienced defence can't get a hold on them. Stafford wins the starting job over Culpepper but struggles a little, shows promise though.

Week 2: Minnesota Score: DET 42 - MIN 39 (Record 1-1)

A sign of things to come. In a game where both teams offence shone brightly, and defences wallowed. The Lions managed to take a 35-21 lead coming into the 4th quarter but watched the Vikings roll into the lead led by their hero in Adrian Peterson. Stafford ends up the hero though as he leads the Lions on a TD drive with minutes to go.

Week 3: Washington Score: DET 35 - WAS 21 (Record 2-1)

Stafford becomes a hero for the second week in a row along with his partner in crime, Calvin Johnson. A 90 yard bomb with the scores locked at 21-21 helped the Lions take another unlikely victory. Stafford proceeded to show he has a bit of mobility in those legs after running in a TD with a minute to go to seal the victory.

Week 4: @ Chicago Score: CHI 42 - DET 21 (Record 2-2)

A stunning first half led by Chicago's offence helped them take a 35-7 lead which the Lions could never chase down.

Week 5: Pittsburgh Score: PIT 28 - DET 17 (Record 2-3)

An early lead by the Lions couldn't stop the Superbowl champs from prevailing in the end.

Week 6: @ Green Bay Score: GB 38 - DET 28 (Record 2-4)

An inconsistent performance over the 60 minutes saw the Lions flounder to their 3rd straigth loss. The offence managed to once again show their strength, but the defence failed to contain the Packers ability to move the ball as well.

Week 7: BYE

Week 8: St. Louis Score: DET 35- STL 24 (Record 3-4)

The Lions offence once again blazed to an what seemed to be an insurmountable lead at 35-7, but a late surge by the Rams had many fans hearts in their mouths. Thankfully, the defence managed to hold on long enough for the Lions to snap their losing streak.

Week 9: @ Seattle Score: DET 55 - SEA 24 (Record 4-4)

Led by Stafford, Kevin Smith & Pettigrew, the Lions managed to wipe the floor with the Seahawks in an enjoyable game. Kevin Smith ran in 2 TD's and over 130 yards in a dominating performance.

Week 10: @ Minnesota Score: DET 24 - MIN 17 (Record 5-4)

A solid performance overall seen the Lions win their 3rd straight game for the 2nd time this year. The combination of Stafford and Kevin Smith was instrumental in the victory.

Week 11: Cleveland Score: DET 42 - CLE 21 (Record 6-4)

Thoughts of playoffs entered Lions fan's minds as Detroit won their 4th straight game. An inspiring 3 TD performance by TE Brandon Pettigrew saw the Lions overcome the Browns at Ford Field. A fairly close game for 2 quarters before the Lions kicked in gear and ran away with the victory.

Week 12: Green Bay Score: DET 49 - GB 7 (Record 7-4)

Rejoicing at Ford Field as the Lions announced their playoff intentions to the league after destroying the Packers in a one-sided display. Kevin Smith kept his career season on track with two long range runs helping the Lions celebrate a possible playoff appearance.

Week 13: @ Cincinnati Score: DET 24 - CIN 14 (Record 8-4)

Detroit managed to win their 5th straight game, but were forced to win the hard way after trailing 14-0 at halftime. Lions playmakers, including Calvin Johnson, Kevin Smith and Brandon Pettigrew helped the Lions bridge the gap and take them to victory

Week 14: @ Baltimore Score: DET 28 - BAL 17 (Record 9-4)

One of the greatest franchise turnarounds appeared to be on the cards as the Lions completed it's sixth straight victory, moving them one step closer to the playoffs. A strong defensive display helped the Lions offence put up the points on a staunch Ravens D' led by Ray Lewis. Lions receiver Bryant Johnson produced a career game in the victory.

Week 15: Arizona Score: DET 56 - ARI 3 (Record 10-4)

An unlikely savaging victory by the Lions helped them all but lock up a playoff position. In the strongest performance of the season, both the offence and defence clicked and provided the Superbowl runner-ups with an embarassing loss.

Week 16: @ San Francisco Score: SF 31 - DET 24 (Record 10-5)

The Lions winning streak finally came to an end in San Francisco with an uninspiring loss. Hopes still hung high in Detroit though as many seen the loss as a blessing in disguise before the playoffs.

Week 17: Chicago Score: CHI 38 - DET 21 (Record 10-6)

The Lions had to settle for a Wild card place as Chicago managed to win the division. A disappointing performance had Lions fans doubting they could make an impact in the playoffs.

Wild Card: Falcons Score: DET 52 - ATL 7

Not even the most optimistic Lions fan could have anticipated such an outcome as the Lions pummeled the Falcons. The Lions led by Kevin Smith and Matthew Stafford dismantled the Falcon defence and created one of the most stunnning performances in Lions history.

Divisional Playoff: New Orleans Score: DET 35 - NO 7

Managing to halt the rampant Saints offence, the Lions managed to once again stun analysts and fans alike as they took another step toward the unthinkable, a Superbowl. The game was won after the Lions defence stood strong for 2 quarters and held the Saints to only one score. The Lions potent offence then took care of the match as they stormed to victory.

NFC Championship: Philadelphia Score: DET 17 - PHI 14

In probably the greatest franchise turnaround in history, the Lions went from winless to Superbowl. The fairytale continued with the help from critical playmakers on both sides of the ball. Domination of possession and solid all round performance saw the Lions upset the highly touted Eagles and take them to the Superbowl.

Superbowl: Indiannapolis Score DET 28 - IND 17

The most unlikely of circumstances came true in Miami as the Lions managed to do the unthinkable and defeat the Colts in the game of all games, the Superbowl. The defining moment, which happens so often in Superbowls came in the 3rd quarter when Calvin Johnson broke a 75 yard run after the catch for a TD with the game in the balance at 14-10 to Detroit. The Defence led by the likes of Julian Petersen and Cliff Avril helped stave off Peyton Manning and the Colts offence and take the Lions to a Superbowl victory. After 60 minutes of emotional football, the Lions along with their loyal fans stood finally victorious on the soil of Dolphin Stadium, with the glistening Vince Lombardi Trophy hoisted high, surrounded by the Honolulu Blue and silver.



Now that's my dream, a Lions Superbowl victory. Remember, this isn't a prediction, it's merely a hope for what could be. Hoped you enjoyed reading.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Pride Of Detroit or its writers.

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