The Dark Side - A Realistic View of the 09 Season

Come with me on a journey of what may be................

Week 1: @ New Orleans Score: NO 51 - DET 17 (Record 0-1)

Drew Brees has a banner day against the Lions patchwork secondary. Lions score two TD's in garbage time after falling behind 41-3 early in the fourth quarter. Culpepper is sacked 6 times and the Lions total 60 yards rushing.

Week 2: Minnesota Score: MIN 24 - DET 6 (Record 0-2)

Stafford gets his first start at home and is intercepted 4 times and sacked 5 times. Brett Farve and Adrian Peterson dominated the time of possession to the tune of 40 minutes. The game is closer than the final score indicates, but the Vikings win.

Week 3: Washington Score: WAS 42 - DET 13 (Record 0-3)

Jason Campbell comes into his own and "The Hogs" are back leading a punishing running game. A tenacious Redskins D yields only 56 yards rushing and intercepts Stafford twice. The rookie does throw his first TD pass to Maurice Morris during garbage time.

Week 4: @ Chicago Score: CHI 14 - DET 10 (Record 0-4)

A very close game, but the Bears D force Dennis Northcutt to cough it up on their 5 yard line, returning the fumble for a TD. CJ pulls his hamstring and is out 3-6 weeks.

Week 5: Pittsburgh Score: PIT 38 - DET 10 (Record 0-5)

The Steelers look every inch the defending champs. Schwartz wisely chooses to start Culpepper here, and watches him get sacked seven times before exiting early in the 3rd with a concussion. Lions get 48 positive rushing yards as Kevin Smith desperately tries not to get tackled during the handoff.

Week 6: @ Green Bay Score: DET 24 - GB 21 (OT) (Record 1-5)

The Lions stun the Packers for their first win under sunny skies at Lambeau. Stafford looks sharp, and Kevin Smith reels off his first 100 yard game of the season. The defense shows up in the crunch. Schwartz wisely takes the ball after winning the toss, instead of the wind.

Week 7: BYE

Week 8: St. Louis Score: DET 35- STL 24 (Record 2-5)

The Lions build off their improbable win in Lambeau, taking down the Rams in a game where CJ returns to receive 150 yards and 3 TD's, Kevin Smith turns in another 100 yard game with a TD. The victory comes at a cost though, as Stafford get a concussion late in the 4th and is out 3-6 weeks.

Week 9: @ Seattle Score: SEA 31 - DET 24 (Record 2-6)

A soggy Seattle field brings the Lions back to earth. The Lions lose Peterman, Simms, and Delmas to injuries. Culpepper has a decent game, but the defense can't stop Branch and Houzmenzadeh.

Week 10: @ Minnesota Score: MIN 49 - DET 17 (Record 2-7)

The Brett and Adrian show is rolling against a decimated Lions defense. Culpepper sustains a hip injury to the cheers of the crowd. Stanton steps in and has his first pass picked for a TD. Vikings limit Lions to 64 yards rushing.

Week 11: Cleveland Score: CLE 28 - DET 21 (Record 2-8)

In their closest game since Green Bay, a last minute sack and fumble recovery for a TD gives the Browns the win is a sloppily played game for both teams. Grady, Foote, and Buchannon are lost to injuries.

Week 12: Green Bay Score: GB 52 - DET 7 (Record 2-9)

Ryan Grant up the middle becomes the stuff of nightmares. When the Lions commit 9 to the box to stop his, Rogers takes his time finding his deep targets. Raiola and White are lost for the season.

Week 13: @ Cincinnati Score: CIN 35 - DET 10 (Record 2-10)

Stafford returns to action, but is watching the game from the sidelines or on his back, as he is sacked 6 times and watches Cedric Benson do his best Walter Payton impersonation. Ochocinco displays a new end zone celebration. Pettigrew breaks his collarbone and is sent to the Charles Rogers rehab center for further evaluation.

Week 14: @ Baltimore Score: BAL 24 - DET 0 (Record 2-11)

Lions gather 12 yards rushing on 26 attempts. Stafford suffers his second concussion. The Ravens rack up 160 yards rushing, 10 sacks and 3 INT's.

Week 15: Arizona Score: ARI 35 - DET 9 (Record 2-12)

The wheels start falling off as many in the starting lineup weren't on the team to start the season. Stanton goes down with a broken throwing shoulder, Henson returns and throws a duck to CJ that ends up getting him clocked.

Week 16: @ San Francisco Score: SF 18 - DET 3 (Record 2-13)

Lions Defense doesn't allow a TD, but can't score one either. Culpepper returns to action, but after 4 sacks, is forced to leave with a high ankle sprain. Kevin Smith tears his ACL.

Week 17: Chicago Score: CHI 38 - DET 21 (Record 2-14)

Stafford returns for the final game of the year, but is kept on thesidelines by a cautious coaching staff. Jay Cutler delivers a remarkable performance against a decimated Lions defense. Lions secure the 2nd overall pick in front of a crowd of 35,000.

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