Thoughts on some team nicknames..

First off.  Happy to finally see the start of preseason football.  Even though it was the Bills and the Oilers/Titans.  I know it is the AFL 50th anniversary.  And both the Oilers and the Bills were a big part of that League.  But something has always bothered me about the Bills.  Not the team itself.  But the nickname.

Buffalo Bills.  They were named because of local contest.  Which named the team after a  previous football franchise from the All-American Football League.  And the team was named after William Fredrick " Buffalo Bill" Cody.  A famous bison hunter.  Who was born in Iowa( or the Iowa Territory).  He died in Denver. 

 Bill Cody really had nothing to do with the city of Buffalo.  So, my question is this.  Why is the team logo a buffalo?  Why didn't they just call themselves the Buffalo Buffaloes?  Or the Buffalo Bison.  Anything is better than the Bills.  What if Cody's first name was Mike?  Would they be the Buffalo Mikes? 


And while on the subject.  What the hell is a " Brown" ?  Yes, I know that the name came from Paul Brown.  Their first vice president, general manager, and head coach.  He must of had some kind of an ego.  To name the team after himself.  Okay, I know he did not have anything to do with the naming of the team.  But again.  What if his last name was Schwagghopper?  Would they be the Cleveland Schwagghoppers?  What is worst.  They do not even have a logo or mascot.  Just the color brown.  Sometimes they are referred to as the ' Brownies ".  But aren't the Brownies a splitter cell of the Girl Scouts?

Not really something to be feared. 


One more team to pick at.  Houston Texans.  The background story of the Texans is this.  An original AFL team Dallas Texans.  Moved to Kansas City.  And became the Chiefs.  The Oilers move  to Tennessee.  And a new franchise is brought back to the city of Houston.  Even though the name " Texans " has some history.  It is misplaced.  And very redundant.  I almost have a feeling that the name was a marketing scheme.  Just reminding people that the Cowboys are not the NFL team in Texas.


If there is one thing that I can take solice in being a Lion's fan.  Is this.  Our team name makes sense.  Yes I know the only lions in Michigan are at the zoos.  But it is far better than being a Seahawk.  What ever the hell that is?  And we don't have to walk around with a silly looking dolphin on our shirt.   Or, a plain brown shirt.  That reads " Browns ".  I wear my Lions jerseys with pride.  And maybe some of you have some thoughts on other team nicknames. 



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