The Year Two Thousand and Ten

I know this probably won't be super insightful or informative, but I'm bored before work and haven't been active much. So here is my ideal depth chart (realistically) for the 2010-2011 season (at least before injuries set in).



QB: John Matthew "Iron Man" Stafford

RB: Kevin Smith

RB2: Maurice Morris

FB: Jerome Felton

WR: Calvin Johnson

WR2: Bryant Johnson

WR3: Dennis Northcutt

TE: Brandon Pettigrew

LT: Jeffrey Backus

LG: Stephen Peterman

C: Dominic Raiola

RG: Gosder Cherilus

RT: Jon Jansen





RDE: Dewayne White

NT: Sammie Lee Hill

UT: Ndamukong Suh (1st rd. 2010 pick)

LDE: Jason Hunter

WLB: Ernie Sims

MLB:Larry Foote

SLB: DeAndre Levy

CB: Phillip Buchanon

CB: Kareem Jackson (3rd rd. 2010 pick)

LS: Louis Delmas

RS: Ko Simpson


A few notes: Yes, I pretty haphazardly inserted draft picks into this. I don't know much about college ball, and I get the majority of my information about draftees when the scouting mags come out in the early spring. To be honest, you could probably swap out Jackson for whatever CB we can get in the draft in that area, because I don't know how good the kid is. I searched for 3rd round 2010 NFL CB or something and he came up. In any case, I do think that Suh will fall to us, we will take him, and will subsequently use our 2nd rounder on a guard. Our secondary is in shambles, and I think the best player available for our team is going to be a CB. I liked what I saw from Ko Simpson this year, and I think the staff did too. I doubt very much that Bullocks (much as I like him personally) is going to get back into the lineup. Levy will start this year, and if Julian Peterson isn't moved, he's going to play in rotation between SLB and DE with Hunter and Levy.

People will question the lack of changes on the offensive side, I'm certain, but I have a hard time envisioning too much difference from last year. We MIGHT get another RB, but in MY opinion, MoMo ran well enough to stay as the #2, and I personally love the idea of Felton being used more as a RB than an FB. I think we HAVE 3 decent running backs, and the FO is going to see it the same way. Outside of a FA acquisition, I don't see the WR's we have going anywhere. Shack Harris brought in Northcutt, who is OK, and we have the other Johnson signed to a deal as well. I think we will retain Heller and have Grew/Heller at TE. The o-line is a pipe dream of mine, that I'm about 200% sure will never happen. Backus and Raiola are staying where they are obviously, I think Gosder needs to be moved to G as well due to his lack of mobility, and I think we can ride Jansen out at RT for this year until we draft or pick someone up in FA.


So there you have it. I think this squad could be markedly better in 2010, despite few changes to it, and I'd like to see the product they would deliver.

Probably not a whole lot to talk about on this post, but like I said, I was bored as hell. Share your thoughts if you feel so inclined.

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