Evaluate The LBs

I really didn't think this area would make much of a topic. However, the more I thought about it, there are some questions to consider here. Do the Lions re-sign Foote? If they don't, does Levy step in and start at MLB, or do we hunt for another starter? Is Sims a good choice for WLB? ( For the sake of arguement, we are not trading Sims. If you aren't comfortable with him starting, tell me how you want him replaced. It is to hard to know if another team would accept the trade anyone dreams up.)

It is true we have some depth at the LB spots, but if we lose Foote, and have Sims, Levy, and Peterson start, who is there left for good depth? Here is the list of LBs. Who do you want to stay,  who do you want to go, and how do ou want the voids filled?

Linebacker                    Tackles                 Sacks                   FF                     Int.

Larry Foote                       99                           2                          1                       0

DeAndre Levy                   85                          0                          1                       1

Julian Peterson                 76                          4.5                       5                        0

Ernie Sims                       49                           0                          0                        0

Jordon Dizon                     29                          1                          1                        0

Zack Follet                        10                           0                         0                        0

Vinny Ciurciu                     5                            0                          0                        0

Cody Spencer                  Did Not Play

There you have it PODers. Give me your thoughts and lets see if we can't figure out an agreement of what would make us happy. As always, thanks for your thoughts and input. Fire away.

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