Before prognosticating the Lion's offseason, please understand the Uncapped situation!


Here's an article by Pat Kirwin, written almost a year ago, that will help those that choose to post their offseason plans for the Lions. I hope you all enjoy the article.

Uncapped years would actually limit free agency

And here is an excerpt from that article....


The one factor fans have heard the most about is that 2010 and 2011 would be "uncapped" years. But there are three main trigger points that will go off in 2010 if there isn't a new CBA in place, and they may offset the fear of life with no salary cap. They are: 1) free agency will require six years of service (instead of four years in 2010 and five years in 2011); 2) teams will have three tags to use to restrict free agents instead of one tag, as they do now; and 3) teams that go deep in the playoffs could have some spending restrictions.



The biggest part of the uncapped year, or at least the one where the most mistakes are made, is that players must now have 6 years of service before being an UFA.  Pat gives a quick list of some prospects that will not make UFA this year due to rule change....

Second-round picks from 2006 such as DeMeco Ryans, D'Qwell Jackson, Rocky McIntosh, Thomas Howard, Deuce Lutui, LenDale White, Cedric Griffin, Marcus McNeill, Greg Jennings, and Tarvaris Jackson should be the core of the free-agent market in 2010, but unless they have the ability to "void" their contracts, they will not be free as planned. They would stay with their teams as restricted free agents and it might mean two more years of service before they experience the big payday.

The 2007 draft, especially in the second and third rounds, already has a number of budding stars such as Justin Blalock, Trent Edwards, Eric Wright, James Jones, Tony Ugoh, Samson Satele, Sidney Rice, Steve Smith, David Harris, Zach Miller, LaMarr Woodley, Brandon Mebane, and Arron Sears, to name a few. All are scheduled to be free in 2011, but all would fall short of the five years of service required under the trigger points.

There are at least another 30 to 50 quality young players from later rounds of the '06 and '07 drafts who will not see free agency -- players such as Elvis Dumervil, Willie Colon, Dawan Landry, and Antoine Bethea from 2006, and Marshal Yanda, Kevin Boss, Michael Bush, Cliff Ryan, and Tanard Jackson from '07.


I hope this will help future posts that plan out the Lion's off season.  I enjoy reading what people would like to happen, but if it includes pigs flying, the fun is taken away.


Study up! POD'ERS!  the more informed discussions we have, the better the site!






PS-  If any of you, in your studies, find a good article that explains the compensation for RFA's per the uncapped rules(if there are changes)... please post them.



And NOW, for the funny gif of the month (since all you guys will be searching for Valentines gift Ideas)......

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