Free agency restrictions; revisited.... With top 19 ranked UFAs



The more I read, the more the possibility for Detroit to add talent from free agency dwindles.  According to, 31 out of the top ranked 50 FA's are restricted this year.  That astounding as last year's rankings had only 3 restricted in the top 50.

The free agent database debuts, with a whopping 31 of the top 50 free agents being restricted. “It’s not going to be the great free agency that people and some of the players expect,” NFL insider Adam Caplan said of free agency, which starts March 5.



The positive news?   Along with the noted restrictions above... the 'final eight' playoff teams can only sign an UFA if they lose a UFA...PLUS, they cannot pay the newly signed UFA more than the one they lost.  (you have to read that 3 times before getting it.)   Which Means the Vikings AND the Saints, Dallas, San Diego, Colts, Jets, Baltimore, Arizona....  all these 'contenders' will be difficult to play for, for those UFA's looking for a ring, as it is very unlikely that any of these teams will be allowed to pay a whole lot.



Now, here is a list of all 19 UFA's that made the top 50...

Pos Overall
Rating Name Type Yr Ht/Wt College 2009 Team Signed Team
DE 6 Julius Peppers UFA 8 6-7/283 North Carolina Carolina
OLB 11 Karlos Dansby UFA 6 6-4/240 Auburn Arizona
DT 13 Vince Wilfork UFA 6 6-2/344 Miami (FL) New England
K 16 Neil Rackers UFA 10 6-1/207 Illinois Arizona
DT 21 Casey Hampton UFA 9 6-1/325 Texas Pittsburgh
MLB 23 Gary Brackett UFA 7 5-11/235 Rutgers Indianapolis
CB 24 Dunta Robinson UFA 6 5-10/184 South Carolina Houston
WR 26 Antonio Bryant UFA 7 6-1/205 Pittsburgh Tampa Bay
C 27 Kevin Mawae UFA 16 6-4/289 LSU Tennessee
WR 28 Kevin Walter UFA 7 6-3/214 Eastern Michigan Houston
WR 29 Derrick Mason UFA 13 5-10/192 Michigan State Baltimore
DE 30 Kyle Vanden Bosch UFA 9 6-4/278 Nebraska Tennessee
OG 32 Bobbie Williams UFA 10 6-4/345 Arkansas Cincinnati
OG 33 Stephen Neal UFA 8 6-4/305 California State-Bakersfield New England
DT 37 Ryan Pickett UFA 8 6-2/322 Ohio State Green Bay
DT 38 Fred Robbins UFA 10 6-4/317 Wake Forest NY Giants
DT 39 Aubrayo Franklin UFA 7 6-1/334 Tennessee San Francisco
OLB 43 Keith Bulluck UFA 10 6-3/232 Syracuse Tennessee
OLB 44 Scott Fujita UFA 9 6-5/250 California New Orleans


Now that its widdled down to 19, Let's discuss the ONE player that the lions will sign.  Because you know as well as I, Mayhew isn't going to break the bank this offseason.


I'll go first... from that list;   Dunta Robinson is a given 'want/need'... , a Casey Hampton could come at a decent price, but he's a 3-4 guy.   Stephen Neal... hmmm...   Hell, lets get crazy and hope for


Oh well, I just thought I'd throw up another post about the new restrictions and list out the UFAs that are worth a damn.




BTW, I'm attending a Superbowl party that's throwing a Miami Vice theme... prizes for the best Don Johnson look a like.... now where did I put that white blazer and turquoise T-shirt.......


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