One Mother of a Mock....RDs 1 thru 3


So this is my mock rounds 1 thru 3.  Rds 4 thru 7 will be posted next week.  The hardest thing about this mock was the draft order.  I used 5 different sites.  And only two were the same.  So there might be some mistakes with the draft order, in the later rounds.  Also, I know there will be trades.  So I drafted for that.  Like, Denver taking a WR.  In case of a trade involving Marshall..etc...

So POD I give you my Mother Mocker

Round 1

#1 St.Louis Rams – Jimmy Clausen 6’2 223lb Quarterback  Norte Dame

Clausen is a potenial francise quarterback.  The Rams quarterback options are awful.

#2 Detroit LionsNdamukong Suh – 6’4 302lb DT Nebraska

What needs to be said here?

#3 Tampa Bay BuccaneersGerald Mcoy 6’4 298lb DT Oklahoma

Missing out on the Suh sweeptakes.  The Bucs still need to fill the middle of their D

#4 Wahington Redskins – Sam Bradford 6’4 223lb QB Oklahoma

The ‘Skins need to find the face of their franchise.  Bradford is it.

#5  Kanas City Cheifs – Eric Berry 5’11 203lb FS Tennessee

Maybe the second best player in this draft.  This player is what the Chiefs need

#6 Seattle Seahawks – Russell Okung 6’5 305lb OT Oklahoma State

With the two QB’s gone.  Seattle looks to replace Walter Jones

#7  Cleveland Browns – Joe Haden 5’11 190 CB Florida

The  BPA is a player that the Browns really need

#8  Oakland Raiders – Carlos Dunlap 6’6 290lb DE Florida

One of the worst run D in the game.  Dunlap should help cut down those 24 rushing TD’s

#9 Buffalo BillsDan Williams 6’2 329lbs DT Tennessee

The 1st surprise of the draft.  Bills going to a 3-4 scheme.  Dan fits the bill here

#10 Denver BroncosDez Bryant  6’2 220lb WR Oklahoma State

Really wanted Williams.  Morgan is not a 3-4 lineman.  Watch out Marshall your days are numbered.

#11 Jacksonville Jaguars – Derrick Morgan 6’4 272lb DE Georgia Tech

An instant up grade to what the Jags call a pass rush.

#12 Miami Dolphins – Ronaldo McClain 6’4 254lb ILB Alabama

With Taylor and Porter about to collect Social Security.  Phins need a ILB

#13 San Francisco 49ers Anthony Davis 6’6 325lb OT Rutgers

49ers were weak up front.  Davis and Staley could be bookends for a long time

#14 Seattle Seahawks – C.J. Spiller  5’11 195lb RB Clemson

In the mold of Chris Johnson.  Spiller will give the Hawks some explosion in their offensive

#15 New York GiantsSergio Kindle 6’4 255lb OLB Texas

The Giants LB core is not what is once was.  Sergio has the versatility that the Giants like

#16 San Francisco 49ers – Travis Mays 6’3 231lb FS USC

Singletary will love Travis’ big hitting stlye.

#17 Tennessee TitansEverson Griffen 6’3 278lb USC

This pick could have been Wootton also.  But Griffen is more of a pass rusher that they need

#18 Pittsburgh SteelersMike Iupati 6’5 325 OG Idaho

Steelers were thinking OT here.  But can’t pass up on the talent of Iupati

#19 Atlanta FalconsCorey Wootton 6’6 280lb DE Northwestern

Like the Titans, Falcons need to generate a soild pass rush from the edges

#20 Houston TexansJonathan Dwyer 5"11 235lb RB Georgia Tech

Texans have a bunch of complementary optins at RB.  But not a true #1.  Now they do.

#21 Cincinnati BengalsBrian Price 6’2 300lb DT UCLA

Bengals need better play on the inside.  And with Peko and Williams being FA’s.  The Price is right.

#22 New England Patroits – Terrence Cody  6’4 370lb DT Alabama

Wilfolk is unhappy.  Cody is a huge hole plugger in the 3-4 scheme

#23 Green Bay PackersBruce Campbell  6’7 310lb OT Maryland

With Clifton’s injuries.  Packers need to sow up the line that was a patch work in ‘09

#24 Philadelphia EaglesBrandon Graham  6’1 263lb DE Michigan

Sorry guys.  But Brandon’s performance in the Senoir Bowl opened a lot of eyes.

#25 Baltimore Raven – Brandon LaFell 6’3 206lb WR  LSU

The Ravens have too many questions at WR to pass on LaFell

#26 Arizona CardinalsBrian Bulaga 6’6 312lb OT Iowa

Gandy is a FA.  And Bulaga is a talent that the Cards’ cant pass on

#27 Dallas CowboysEarl Thomas 5’10 195lb S/CB Texas

His play making ability and ball hawking goes great with the weak secondary

#28 San Diego ChargersRyan Matthews  5’11 220lb RB Fresno State

Chargers could really use a DT here.  But with none left with value.  A RB makes sense

#29 New York JetsJason Pierre-Paul  6’6 265lb DE South Florida

The biggest need is a pass rush.  To get by Manning and the Colts

#30 Minnesota VikingsKyle Wilson  5’10 190lb CB Boise State

Without a doubt.  Was the biggest weakness.  Now they need a replacement for the old man

#31 New Orleans SaintsRicky Sapp 6’4 248lb OLB Clemson

Ricky becomes a big weapon in Greg Williams attacking style defense

#32 Indianapolis ColtsCharles Brown 6’5 295lb OT USC

Colts are a team with little weakness.  Brown is a great upgrade and depth



#1(33) St. Louis Rams  –  Sean Weatherspoon 6’1 241lb OLB Missouri

Paris Lenon was their starting WLB.  Any questions????

#2(34) Detroit Lions -  Jon Asamoah 6’4 300lb OG Illinois

Jon is the BPA on May-Wartz’s draft board.  And he fits a need.

#3(35)  Tampa Bay – Golden Tate  5’11 195lb WR Notre Dame

Would have like to see a DE here.  But Antonio Bryant is a FA.  Tate is a WR they really need

#4(36)  Kanasas City Chiefs – Trent Wiliams 6’5 318lb OT Oklahoma

Trent saw his stock drop out of the 1st round.  Much to the glee of the Chiefs

#5(37)  Washington RedskinsMaurkice Pouncey 6’5 318lb  C/OG Florida

Skins got their QB.  Now some added help to keep him standing

#6(38) Cleveland Browns – Jahvid Best  5’10 195lb RB California

WR is a need.  But with Harrison being a FA.  This is a great value pick

#7(39) Oakland Raiders – Jermaine Gresham  6’6 258lb TE Oklahoma

Little bit of a head scatter here.  But Al likes to keep things interesting

#8(40) Seattle Seahawks -  Colt McCoy 6’2 220lb QB Texas

Seahawks can wait and let Colt learn for a few years.

#9(41) Buffalo Bills – Brandon Spikes 6’3 256 ILB Florida

Bills keep missing the chance to draft a QB.  So they take the BPA on their board

#10(42) New England Patroits – Jerry Hughes  6’2 257lb OLB TCU

Pats are getting more help on their D.  That got ripped by Henne late in the year.

#11(43)  Miami Dolphins - Rob Gronkowski  6’6 265lb TE Arizona

A big target for Henne.  And will help with the pass rush as well

#12(44) Tampa Bay – Patrick Robinson  5’11 190lb Florida State

The Bucs are in need of some help at the #2 CB. 

#13(45) Denver Broncos – Devin McCountry  5’11 186lb CB Rutgers

Denver really needs a D-Lineman.  But what McCountry is.  Is the BPA.  And Denver likes him.

#14(46) New York Giants – Chad Jones 6’3 230lb SS LSU

If the G-Men want to get back to the playoffs.  They must upgrade their deep secondary.

#15(47) Carolina PanthersDamian Williams 6’1 195lb WR USC

Carolina is finally on the clock.  And they get somebody to play opposite of Steve Smith

#16(48) New England Patroits – Dominique Franks  6’0 192lb CB Oklahoma

Franks becomes the #1 CB in a weak secondary for the Pats

#17(49) San Francisco 49ers – Anthony Dixon  6’1 245 RB Mississippi

Dixon will be the thunder to the often injured Gore’s lightning

#18(50) Kansas City ChiefsNavorro Bowmen  6’1 232lb OLB Penn State

With Derrick Johnson only starting 3 games last year.  The Chiefs need a OLB in a bad way

#19(51) Houston Texans – Morgan Burnett  6’1 210 FS Georgia Tech

Playing in the same Division as the Colts.  You are going to need a lot of good secondary help

#20(52) Pittsburgh Steelers – Nate Allen 6’1 205 FS South Florida

Steelers would have love to see a big,fat DT here.  But will be happy with Allen.

#21(53) New England Patroits – Demaryius Thomas 6’3 229 WR Georgia Tech

It is all about giving Brady weapons.  A RB would have been good here too

#22(54) Cincinnati Bengals – Aaron Hernandez – 6’2 250lb TE Florida

Cincy has nothing at TE.  And Coffman was a big disappointment

#23(55) Philadelphia Eagles – T.J. Ward  5’9 199lb SS Oregon

Sean Jones will mostly likely be gone.  Meet his replacement

#24(56) Green Bay Packers – Parrish Cox  5’9 189lb CB Oklahoma State

This is pretty much a no-brainer pick.  Woodson and Al Harris are old( too put it lightly)

#25(57) Baltimore RavensVladimir Ducasse  6’5 329lb OT U-Mass

Like a lot of teams. The Ravens need some secondary help.  But can’t pass on Ducasse

#26(58) Arizzona Cardinals – Jason Worilds  6’2 252lb DE/OLB Virgina Tech

Berry might retire.  Okefor is a FA.  Worilds will be a LB in the Cards’ 3-4 scheme

#27(59) Dallas Cowboys – Jason Fox  6’6 314lb OT Miami(Fla)

Adams is getting old and is injury prone now.  Possible replacement

#28(60) San Diego Chargers – Greg Hardy  6’4 279lb DE Mississippi           

I remember when he was a top 15 pick.  If healthy, a good pass rusher.

#29(61) New York Jets – Koa Misi  6’3 244lb DE/OLB Utah

Koa was a pass rushing DE at Utah.  Now he is a pass rushing OLB for the Jets

#30(62) Minnesota Vikings – Joe McKnight 6’0 190lb RB USC

A QB makes sense here.  But with the pending FA Taylor.  A change of pace back for AP is good too.

#31(63)  New Orleans Saints – Tyson Alualu  6’2 291lb DT California

Purely a depth pick.  But Sedrick Ellis does have some injury concerns

#32(64)  Indianapolis Cotls – Daryl Washington 6’2 226lb ILB TCU

Bracket could be a FA.  If not just more depth for the defending champs


#1(65) St. Louis Rams – Dexter McCluster  5’8 165lb WR/KR Mississippi

Dexter gives the new franchise QB a weapon to work with.

#2(66) Detroit Lions – Jerome Murphy  6’1 191lb CB South Florida

What? No Donovan Warren?  No sorry, I did not play the "Homer" card.

#3(67) Tampa Bay Buccaneers -  Mike Johnson  6’6 306lb OG Alabama

Bucs are really beefing up both lines.

#4(68) Kansas City Chiefs – Matt Tennant  6’5 290lb C Boston College

Chiefs are re-making their offensive line

#5(69) Oakland Raiders – Rodger Saffold  6’5 312lb OT Indiana

Raiders will do everything they can to make Russell that FOH QB they think he is.

#6(70) Philadelphia Eagles – Selvish Capers  6’5 304lb OT West Virginia

Eagles always seem to have injuries up and down their O-line.  Caspers will fill in nicely

#7(71) Cleveland Browns – Dan LaFevour  6’3 229lb QB Central Michigan

It is not that his Senior Bowl game pushed him ahead of Pike.  Pike just did not look that good

#8(72)  Buffalo Bills – Jevan Snead  6’3 215lb QB Ole Miss

The Bills loved the Browns pick so much.  They drafted a QB as well

#9(73) Miami Dolphins – Cam Thomas  6’4 331lb DT North Carolina

J. Ferguson is 34. Nothing else to add.

#10(74) Chicago BearsKyle Calloway  6’6 322lb Iowa

The obvious pick here.  The Bears need line help.

#11(75) Jaksonville Jaguars – "wait for it, wait…." Tim Tebow  6’2 239lb QB Flordia

Jacksonville is the first team to go all "Gun" on offense. 

#12(76)  New York Giants -  Jared Veldheer  6’8 321lb OT Hillsdale

Giants went defense with their first two.  Now helping to beef up their O-Line

#13(77)  Carolina Panthers – Eric Norwood  6’1 246lb OLB South Carolina

Panthers could really use some D-Line help.  But could not pass on a local product

#14(78) Tennessee Titans – Donovan Warren  6’0 185lb CB Michigan

The Titans are doing everything they can to build up their defense

#15(79) San Francisco 49ers – Arrelious Benn  6’2 220lb WR Illinois

Adding weapons for ummm…. Alex Smith?  I guess so.

#16(80)  Denver Broncos – Tony Pike  6’6 212lb QB Cincinnati

McDaniels can make anyone into a great QB….right?

#17(81)  Houston Texans -  Sean Lee  6’2 236lb OLB Penn State

Texans need defensive to compete with the Colts.

#18(82)  Pittsburgh Steelers – Danario Alexander   6’5 210lb Missouri

Finally, one of those tall recievers that Ben was talking about a few years back

#19(83)  Atlanta Falcons – A.J. Edds  6’4 245lb OLB Iowa

Edds adds run stopping  ability to the Falcons front seven

#20(84)  Cincinnati Bengals – Javier Arenas  5’9 195lb CB/PR  Alabama

Javier gives the Bengals a PR and a nickleback

#21(85) Oakland Raiders -  Kareem Jackson  5’11 192lb CB Alabama

Al got confused.  And thought this was Arenas.  Kareem still adds needed depth

#22(86)  Green Bay Packers – Austin Lane  6’6 267lb DE/OLB  Murray State

Bye Bye Kampman.  Hello Austin

#23(87)  Philadelphia Eagles – Toby Gerhart  6’1 235lb RB Stanford

Trying to add alittle power in the Eagles run game. 

#24(88)  Baltimore Ravens – Syd’Quan Thompson  5’9 182lb CB California

Once thought to be a late first or early second.  Ravens get a good CB for their weak secondary

#25(89) Arizona Cardinals -  Amari Spievey  6’0 190lb CB Iowa

Not to many needs for the Cards.  But Spievey gives them a good nickel back

#26(90)  Dallas Cowboys -  Jordan Shipley  6’0 190lb WR Texas

Sorry.  I had to do it.

#27(91)  San Diego Chargers – Taylor Price  6’0 198 WR Ohio State

With the WR core being FA’s.  Taylor is good insurance.

#28(92)  Cleveland Browns -  Mitch Petrus  6’3 304lb OG Arkansas

Browns could use a WR.  But with the recent run on WR.  Petrus help the line get better

#29(93)  Minnesota Vikings -  Torrell Troup  6’3 310lb DT UCF

Not sure what Pat Williams will do.  Too bad there was no DT named Williams in the draft

#30(94)  New Orleans Saints -  Ben Tate  5’11 214lb RB Auburn

Bush could be release.  Ben is a complementary back to Pierre.  And the BPA on the board

#31(95)  Indianapolis Colts – Jarrett Brown  6’3 219lb QB West Virgina

Sorry Colts fans.  But Peyton can’t play forever.  But in three years Brown will be ready to go.

*** Washington Redskins do not have a 3rd round pick***

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Pride Of Detroit or its writers.

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