What I'm looking for against Green Bay

It seems that we have no realistic shot of beating the Packers, especially seeing how they lost to the bears and are probably pissed off.  Anything can happen, but I don't see it going down this weekend.  Saying that, I am looking for some things, offensively and defensively, that we need to be focusing on, and here they are.

Get the ball to Calvin.  Period.  I don't care how we do it, just give him the ball.  I'll count this game a win in my books if he has 7+ catches and over 100 yards on the day.  He is our playmaker, and we need him.

Running the ball.  It looks like Jahvid Best will be back and playing, as well as everyone's beloved Kevin Smith.  I'd like to see Best and Smith team up for over 100 yards on the ground.  Our running game has been awful to say the least.  We need this.

Get after Rodgers.  We need sacks this game.  Our secondary can't hold up to Rodgers for long.  We need to fluster him with our pass rush.  Send some different looks in or something.  I look for KVB to have a big game, not just sacks, but everything else he does as well.

Take some risks.  I think we all will agree that we need to not play it safe.  I'd love to see at least 3-4 deep balls to Calvin and see what he does with it.  Everyone, including me, was pissed off for not going to the end zone at the half last game at least once.  I really hope that changes this game.

Someone else stepping up.  We can't ride Best and Calvin every game.  Someone on offense needs to step it up to compete in this game, as well as defense.  Look for Chef or D.Williams to do something this game on offense.  Hopefully SOMEONE in our secondary needs to play big.  Houston got burned during the Vikings game multiple times, as well as everyone else.  Delmas is always stellar, however.


I'd say if we get 3 out of these 5 things covered this game then we're on the right track.  If we get all 5, we will win.  But I still don't see it happening.  Anyone else have something they'd like to see, comment.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Pride Of Detroit or its writers.

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