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  Normally I would have posted this last night but I spaced on it I needed more time to think. We had such a great game sunday I was thinking wow if we could just play like that everyweek I wouldn't have a post anymore. So here it goes 10 things I wanna see this week. I think we can win this game if we do these things effectivley.

10. Don't underestimate- Many people have said that it was the Bears O-line and Martz offense wll Giants D tore up the texans too. We cannot underestimate these guys they are good.

9. Linebackers- As much as I love Follett the corp as a whole needs to step up. JP included makes some plays guys.

8. Blocking?- Hill had plenty of time to throw last sunday it made him look like a starter at times. Guys got there work cut out for them this week but they needs to fight off Tuck,Osi, and Coefield all day.

7 Ball hawk- Thats right I said Ball hawk in detroit non the less. I am now officially head of the Alphonso Smith bandwagon. This kids gonna be a steal for us he's a fast corner with ball skills I need to see more of that this week. Sorry wade your job is done get out.

6. Healthy- Heading into an important week the bye week. We need to not go in with more injurys than we already have we have to get healthy for the long haul comming up. IMO if we extend the season maybe we should add another bye for teams.

5. Defesne- I think are D may start comming together soon as a real force with rookie Ndamukong Suh as the lead man. Someone said its the plays you don't see were he makes the biggest diffrence and I couldn't agree more. Cliff Avril played himself out last week bravo man. KVB has that motor we all love and Williams and Hill are just beast that cannot be tamed. We need them ALL to play like Cliff did last week minus the cramps to win this game.

4. Calvin- Love that he is getting in the game and I dunno he injury situation obviously but even if he can run routes he helps us. Just CJ on the field allows everyone else to do better.

3. Matthew- Torn on wether he should play or not but if he does we need make sure he dosen't get beatup pettigrew has to become a blocker. Not saying treat matt like glass just let him build his confidence backup being put in the dirt won't help that.

2. Pettigrew- Boys got some skills makes some good catches but he needs to catch those easy ones. Hands of stone no butterfingers at times though. He's becoming a weapon he needs to be a threat.

1. Manning- Say what you will if Eli wasn't a damn good QB he wouldn't have won that ring. Keep Eli off the field by running the ball and when he is on force him out of the pocket. He's not Archie he can't run for 30 yards get him out of the pocket don't let him and Hakeem beat us all day. Nicks and Smith will be hard enough to cover without giving Manning time to throw.


“I don't ever in my life remember going into any game feeling like I was an underdog. I certainly have never experienced that at Michigan.”-  Lloyd Carr

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