Why I think we will SEE #9 on the Field Vs. the Giants

There has been alot of discussion on whether or not Stafford will play this week against the Giants.

I have made a couple comments in the last day or two, stating how people will be suprised when #9 comes out of the tunnel in NY dressed and ready to play. (yeah joshsun, I saw that you took note...)

Let me take this opportunity to explain the reasoning behind this.


We all know that Schwartz fancies himself as a Mysterious Injury Ninja. And the Giants have taken the bait, hook line and sinker, Tuck was quoted this week saying that they have prepared for Hill, Exclusively and that they expect him to start. BUT, Stafford is listed as "Questionable" this week, not "Doubtful", not "Out", like previous weeks, but "Questionable".

The way Injury reports are reported, players are listed as follows.

Probable = 75% chance to play

Questionable = 50% chance to play

Doubtful = 25% chance to play

Out = 0% chance to play


Now let's look at Schwartz's track record with the Injury report so far this year.  I will list the players listed as "Questionable"  (50%) each week so far, and whether or not they actually played.

(I couldn't find a Injury report for week one, just an Inactive list. so I did not include the fist game.)



Delmas--> Played

Levy--> Did not Play


Levy--> Played

L. Johnson--> Did not Play

Avril--> Played

Peterman--> Played


Sammie Hill--> Played

Jahvid "the" Best--> Played


Best--> Played

Scheffler--> Played

C.C. Brown--> Played


So in "Schwartz Speak".... Questionable on the Injury report, means you got an 82% chance of Playing, not 50%.

And I believe this is the culmination of his master plan in regards to the Stafford Injury. 

I'm Not scared of the Giants DLine, they looked good against the Bears, but so did we. They pulled out a close win over Chicago, AND WE DID AS WELL.

It took Shaun Hill the Philly game, and the Minn game to get this offense clicking on all cylinders against GB and STL. Stafford had it Purring like a '67 Mustang in the first half of the Chicago game. I want to thank Shaun for the win against STL, and the job he has done this year. He has earned the admiration of the fans as a Solid #2. and a pair of HeadPhones, have a seat bud.

Get your #9 jerseys pressed and ready Gentlemen, cause I'm Puttin' Stafford In the Game!


(P.S. Calvin is also listed as "Questionable")

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Pride Of Detroit or its writers.

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