Gentleman, I come in peace

I know some of you ignore me(I don't really care), and some of you debate me, but remember, and understand one thing, we all want the same thing for this team.


I have been very curious for quite a while about one thing, and PLEASE believe me when I'm not saying anyone is right or wrong(were all in this together), who's right or wrong is completely out of the picture, I just dying to understand something, and in actuality I hope I can admit I've been wrong.


What causes the difference in say myself and Joshun and others in these debates(sorry Joshun, had to drag you into it). Let me try to explain.


I am 52, I've been a Lions fan for 40+ years, I've seen minimal good times, and in the recent past, have seen this organization sink to shit like others for the last 10 years. I live in the Detroit area, and listen all day long to 97.1 between house, garage and work. 


I believe this organization is on the upswing, I believe Schwartz is the correct coach for this team, and Mayhew, while I don't feel he walks on water, is loads better then M=====m. What makes me so unable to accept more of the "trust us, were moving in the right direction", and then watch a mess like yesterday, a winnable game pissed away.


Tell me something. Why are some so willing to accept everything this team does. Shitty performance, good performance, stupid performance, whatever.


Is it because of Schwartz?


Is it because your not in the Detroit area, and your not exposed to local Detroit talk radio on a daily basis and negative articles in the paper?


Is it because your younger and you haven't lived through 40 years of bullshit?


Is it because I've been tainted by too much negativity on talk radio?


Is it just my personality? Being sold hogwash for so long, that I refuse to accept the positive, yet more promises, of trust us, then watch stupid football beyond belief?


I understand it's wasn't about wins this year, but what's wrong with winning an unexpected game or two?


I would just like to know why so many are willing to just swallow this weekly promise? What's wrong with expecting the Lions to win?

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