Outside the W ( bye week edition)

There is no game this week obviously so I thought I would use this post to list the 10 things we need to work on during are break.  We are prepping for the long haul and we need to fix some problems if we are gonna win games so 10 things we need to adress during the bye week.

1. First and Foremost- Health, We need to get Healthy are linebackers are in shambles if Levy is gonna be a center of this new defense then he needs to play. Rest guys that need it and lets try to get them in against washington.

2. #9- My boy Matt needs to practice and get his timing back with recivers and tight ends let him actually work with the rookie Best and I think he can beat washingtons bad defense easy.

3. Gameplan- Lets install some new plays and get creative, blitz packages could be huge with this wreckless D line no QB wants to see Delmas comming at full speed in a open whole. How about some new passing plays and lets use the play action to help out Calvin.

4. Blocking- The O line has been ok but they still can improve get back to basics a little this week try to cut the penalties here with holding and false starts.

5. Defense- As suprising as they have been sense the phonz was added there are still to many flags. KVB and company need to stay off sides and the penaltys will drop big time. Pass interference and face mask, Use your head guys don't make stupid mistakes.

6. Hands- We have wideouts who can catch and some who can't Bryant Johnson being him. Nate is great and Calvin is a beast heres the deal. BJ learn to catch or lets put in D wheelz. He has had 2 balls throwin his way this year and caught both at this point I am ready to lean on Derrick more and use BJ as a backup plan.

7.  Secondary- Smith, Houston and Delmas are all good to see comming along. There is still the matter of C.C made brown, I think this is the week we start looking to are 3rd round pick Spivey to play saftey as the true starter.

8. Gosder- I still will defend keeping Gosder in there like it or not I don't care. Gos you gotta work on technique try to get less penaltys. I am shocked that you are the cause or more flags than Holding #76. Peterman I dunno what to say get it together or we need to replace you.

9. Drew Stanton- Looks like Hill has a busted forearm so we need to make sure while Stafford prepares for a return that Stanton get some reps as well just in case.

10. Wade- Yea Jonathan wade at this point he is useless to us. Phonz is the #2 for now maybe #1 before its over. Wade needs to seriously bust his butt this week because if I am making the call I am thinking its Wade or Pratt.

Glad to hear Follett is doing well he should return in a few weeks. I hope for the best when he sees the specialist he's tough as nails the pain train will be back on the tracks soon.

"I was a small, very wiry kid so therefore nobody gave me a ghost of a chance of making it. But I had a big heart."- Dick ( night train ) Lane

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Pride Of Detroit or its writers.

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