We all love predictions.....right?

Well, whether you love em' or hate em' here are my predictions for the last 10 games.

Vs. Washington Redskins

Many of us just saw or at least saw highlights of one of the worst games ever played. Fortunately for the Redskins, the Bears somehow managed to do worse. This is the perfect game for Matthew Stafford to come back and get his rhythm going again. 32-17 W


Vs. New York Jets

Mark Sanchez is overrated but still finds a way to win. With LT back in action, things could go downhill in this game quickly for the Lions. A close game, but Jets D wins it for them in the end. 28-21 L


@ Buffalo Bills

A team that may have found it's QB after a rotation at the position. Ryan Fitzpatrick almost pulled off a huge upset yesterday against Baltimore. Still without a running game, they are weak. Lions D-Line has a big game. 27-13 W


@ Dallas Cowboys

A team wasting their talent filled roster. And we all know November is not Tony Romo's best month. Still they will keep the game close. Upset pick of the year for the Lions. 28-27 W


Vs. New England Patriots

Why they gave us another game like this, on Thanksgiving, I do not understand. New England is more talented than us and knows how to win. They will also be in a tight race for their division. 38-17 L


Vs. Chicago Bears

The game I'm most looking forward too, as I am sure a lot of you are also. Revenge. Jeff Backus shuts down Peppers. Louis Delmas picks off Jay Cutler twice. 31-21 W


Vs. Green Bay Packers

I predict another heartbreak of a game. 24-23 L


@ Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Over confident Bucs looking for a easy win, leads to mistakes, Lions capitalize. 20-17 W


@ Miami Dolphins

Miami's underrated D slows down our play makers. Lions D-Line brings pressure on Chad Henne. Lions lose close one. 17-13 L


Vs. Minnesota Vikings

Still in the hunt for the division after benching Favre. Minnesota just outplays us, with AP having a good day. 26-13 L


Final record 6-10/ Tied for 3rd

It really is hard to make picks for this team. We have seen the new Lions and little bit of the old Lions at times. Hopefully with Stafford at the helm all we see is the new Lions. Do think we can do better? Or worse?

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Pride Of Detroit or its writers.

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