Lions Vs Redskins Matchup/key to the game....

As of Today(Tuesday), the Redskins are 1.5pt favorites.... which is great IMHO.

Storylines to read about this week....

*Stafford's return

*The now healthy/rested Offense (CJ, Best, Burleson, etc)

*The Linebacking core of the week


We can discuss these topics till we're blue in the face or read Killer's multiple single paragraph articles... but the fact is.... none of them are the key to the game.

But before we get to that, lets take a look at how the teams matchup....(thanks to SBRforums for the stats) (STAT INFO LINK)

18.6   PTS FOR 24.3
19.0 PTS AGNST   23.3
-0.4   DIFF. 1.0
236.0   PASS YDS 258.7
96.7 RUSH YDS   79.0
292.1   PASS D 224.0
113.9 RUSH D   138.8
-1.1   TO DIFF -0.2


Stats Breakdown   RANK   RANK
Washington's Overall Scoring vs Detroit's Overall Defense 18.6 22 23.3 24
Washington's Road Passing vs Detroit's Home Defense 181.3 21 230.5 17
Washington's Road Rushing vs Detroit's Home Defense 135.3 7 145.0 28
Detroit's Overall Scoring vs Washington's Overall Defense 24.3 11 19.0 9
Detroit's Home Passing vs Washington's Road Passing Defense 281.0 6 243.7 23
Detroit's Home Rushing vs Washington's Road Rushing Defense 102.0 19 103.0 14


What should stand out is the lack of scoring power of the Redskin's offense.  18pts a game?  What's the deal? ... Let's ask McNabb-.... "Hey Don, what's up with your offense scoring 18pts a game and how do you plan to right the ship?" .... Don-" Well, we have a winning record, so that's what's up... with regards to righting the ship, well, we just have to play the Detroit Lions to right this ship".

WHAT??? Why would he say that?  Its not like he's been perfect against detroit....uh....oh wait... last time he played detroit... McNabb was perfect... atleast that's what a 158.3 QB rating, 80% comp, 381yds and 4tds means.... in fact, he's averaging a 137QB rating for his career(2 games) against detroit... with NO picks. 

Now reality might say that the Redskins are NOT(even close) to the Eagles that McNabbed wallooped Detroit with... nor is Detroit the same Lions team that made McNabb look like a superstar... but to me, McNabb alone... is the key to this game.   

Detroit needs to Shut down the Redskin's offense and hold them to their average of 18pts to win this game.  Stafford should have no issues with scoring 24pts with the help of Best, KS, CJ, the TE Twins and Burleson unless it turns into a shoot out and Stafford is forced to "win the game".  


Shut down McNabb, hold the skins to 18pts, win the game.



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