How's your fantasy team doing?

Most teams are a quarter way thru their season, so I figure I would post something a little different right now.

I have 5 teams and 1 pick em team. I had a survivalteam but they were eliminated during week 2. My Pick em team is ranked 23/50 but I am only 4 points behind first so I am far from out of that one.

Of my 5 teams 3 of them involve PoD members only. There is a 12 team named "Pride of Detroit" that I am 2nd of 12 right now. My current record is 3-1 and the leader is I AM GROSS with a perfect 4-0 so far. We start 2 qbs and my first 2 draft picks were Drew Brees and Peyton Manning. I snagged L.T. later in the draft and am glad I did.

Next up is a 20 team league name "Pride of Detroit fantasy". I am currently 4-0 in that and in 1st place. There are 2 other 4-0 teams but I outrank them on points. The Steelers D has saved my butt at least twice so far. Then there is also Arian Foster. I hate to admit it but Roy Williams came up huge when I needed him to in week 3.

My final PoD member only league is a 4 team points only league name "PoD Trash Talk". I am currently 1st of 4 andam starting to run away with it. I am first with 778.66 points. In 2nd place is The Profiler with 667.14 (111.52 behind). In 3rd place is Wayne Fontes with 592.64 (186.02 behind me). In last place is Topher Clossen with 537.58 (241.08 behindme). I am running away with it on the backs of Chris Johnson, Arian Foster and Peyton Manning.

I have a team in a league name "The League2.0" that I came across an invitation on PoD. I was 2nd after last week but I got rolled over this week and am currently in 7th out of 10. This is the only league that I am in the bottom half so I can live with that for now. I only have 1 elite player and that is "America's Running Back"/"Mojo"/"Pocket Hercules"/"MJD" (Profiler: did I miss any?) A.K.A. Maurice Jones-Drew. He hasn't been all that great this year so far but been solid. I have a solid core of 2nd level guys such as my 2 qbs are Carson Palmer and Eli Manning(mistakes don't weigh too heavy in this league). My wideouts are Kevin Walter and Braylon Edwards.

My final team is actually the first one I signed up for and that is a team in a public league. I am 1st of 10 in that league. My Running Backs are same as my PoD Trash Talk team, CJ and Foster. My wideouts are Greg Jennings and Austin Collie. Dustin Keller is my starting TE. I have been winning despite my qb being Vince Young (planned on starting Stafford) and my defense being San Fran.

That's a "quick" rundown of my fantasy teams. How are yours doing?

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Pride Of Detroit or its writers.

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