Outside the W - 0-4 edition

  So Ladies and Gents we are 0-4 prepping for a game at home against the improved St Louis rams. I would like to say this before we skip right ahead to the upcoming week that if there is such thing as a moral victory last Sunday we achieved it. Many of us expected a lop sided or even a blow out victory by the packers. I am very proud of are boys for the fight they put up. They had a chance at that game in the final minutes against a Superbowl favorite. While we had many flaws on defense are offense was above solid it should ring true now when we say not the same old lions. We almost won in GB by only a 2 point loss. Be proud that they will not over look us in game 2 and neither will Chicago. As for Randy Moss to the Vikings I want to share something on that too. I said last night that I was actually kind of happy for Minnesota fans as for them I can only Imagine it would be like us getting Barry Sanders out of retirement years ago. While I am a Lions fan at heart I do love NFC north and Big ten football. This was a huge trade that from a division stand point makes us more respected. I hope soon the NFC north will be ranked above the East as the top division in are conference. I feel the Lions current team will be a big part of that happening. having 4 playoff contenders in this division could make for the BEST football in the country IMO. It does concern me that are young corners have to now cover Moss as well as Jennings and driver but we have bought ourselves some time to grow as a unit before we have to face him it could help are chances for the thanksgiving day game as well. One final note before we get into this Deion Sanders on NFL net released his top 10 WRs in the NFL today and Megatron was #2 to Andre Johnson so some respect there.

  As noted we are 0-4 so I am going to bend the rules a little this week as you will see. Suh promised us we will NOT lose anymore home games. Love ya big man but we shall see put up or shut up. Stafford will sit out again this week the majority opinion is he will return after the Bye week. Nate should be back though so it will really help are offense this week with the full corp back in service. So these are 10 things we should be looking for this week with Rams @ Detroit.

1. Nate Burrelson- If it is true Nate will play it should open up the offense more. We seemed to be clicking a little better last week the addition of Nate should make things difficult on the Rams secondary.

2. The Phonz- Alphonso Smith seems to be taking Wades spot this week WHO-RAY. Not looking for a shutdown game but I do look for improved coverage all around. I also expect fewer penalty's this week. Smith has experience in the NFL the Rams receivers aren't outstanding playmakers by any means so he should have a good game based on precedent.

3. Penalty's- I am sick of putting this on the list but its killing us. Blame the refs if you must but we need to play smarter don't give them a reason to throw the flags. Penalty's are the real reason we are 0-4. The Detroit defense is 2nd in the NFL for penalty yards with a outstanding 306! The offense is still 7th with 260. Get it right guys.

4.  Running game-  Won't be to harsh here the packers have a great run D. We do need to run it better than we did last week though thats all. Best seemed hampered by his toe although he won't admit it I think thats how eveyone is feeling.

5. Steven Jackson or 2 Point as Enforcer calls him- Steven is the definition of BEAST he really made us look bad last year. We have to control him or he can win this game for the rams alone.

6. Ram the Sam- We got a rookie QB and a stud D line you do the math. Get this kid uneasy in the pocket beat him up make him look like a real rookie and this game is in the bag.

7. Turnovers- We had some great turnovers last week from Houston and Phonz we need more of that guys keep up the great work. Rams can't win without the ball.

8. Better Team- Listen we have had good games but we need to be hands down the better team this week. When you are the better team 9 times out of 10 you win that game. Play hard, Play Smart, Play great!

9 Megatron addict- For the 1st time in awhile I had a true taste of Calvin Johnson..and I liked it I need more! I am addicted to it now Scotty give me more of the Mega! CJ had his best game in awhile 2 TDs in GB lets make it 3 or 4 at home. 

10. The rule breaker- I know when I started this list I said outside the win we are a young team we need to look for improvement. I truly EXPECT to win this week. So much so the number 10 is WIN! Suh you promised it so this week we win. The Rams have very little aspects that are better then us. On paper there is no excuse to lose other than are own faults.

I want to add this from yahoo sports team report.

..Coach Jim Schwartz's message to his team Monday was simple and direct. Four games don't define a season. Four games is the quarter pole. There is 75 percent of the season left. The season is salvageable.


“If you look good, you feel good, If you feel good, you play good, If you play good, they pay good.”
 Deion ( Prime Time ) Sanders

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