POD Draft Talk

Okay, this is my first real post, and I am nowhere near as knowledgeable as some (most) of you on this site. So hopefully, I won't anger too many people with what I'm about to say.

There's been some talk of next year's draft and every time any mention comes up, there is a whole host of comments stifling the discussion with reasoning that it's way too early. (Profiler- my favorite was your crossed out draft beer pic. LOL)  However I do not entirely agree. There is still a lot of value for me personally to go over this type of stuff NOW. I'll tell you why.

First of all don't get me wrong, I am in no way inferring "the season is over" (if I didn't give up in 2008, I sure as hell won't now) and I do agree it is WAY too early to decide on who specifically we want, or even what positions we need the most (though I imagine both of those points will be argued all the way up to draft day and probably even beyond). Obviously a lot can happen to both NCAA players and the Lions between now and then. We will almost definitely be in a much different position when draft time rolls around. However there's a lot to be said for player consideration at this point in the year. 

I do not really know much about NCAA football. I watch UGA games (unfortunately for me this year) and occasionally other games when I can get away with it (this week it'll be U of M v. Mich St- btw can we somehow trade Stanton and/or Hill for D. Robinson?). When I'm watching these games, draft talks give me an idea of players to look out for so I can make my own judgements regarding their skill level and whether they might fit on our Lions team. And while as a general rule, I mostly just go with the opposite of what Millen says, this community offers a very large knowledge base and can add quite a bit of direction to my own "scouting".

If this type of discussion waited until Bowl games then I'd only have (maybe) one game to make such an assessment of a player. Of course there's youtube, but we all know most of those clips are highlight reels and spectacular (or at least notable) plays which in my opinion do not give a good sampling of a players overall play (I'm specifically referring to players' consistency).

So, I humbly request that discussions regarding possible draft choices at this point continue unabated as it gives me (and other Lions fans equally unfamiliar with the NCAA) a chance to put players on my radar while watching the NCAA games this season so I can decide for myself how I feel about them based on their actual gameplay and not just from what people have said about them. Think of it as a "watch list" more than actual draft talk.

I know this caters to less knowledgeable Lions fans (such as myself) that are looking for insight as opposed to those fans offering it, but that is why I joined this community. That is why I come here just about every day (sometimes more) - cause I'm not so knowledgeable, and you guys are what Homer would call, "S-M-R-T!"

So keep it up POD draft talkers, despite all the hate, there's at least one fan that appreciates it!

And most importantly,

Go Lions!!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Pride Of Detroit or its writers.

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