Kid Rock, doin' the Halftime show on Turkey Day... and other random thoughts.

So Kid Rock is doing the Halftime Show at Ford Field on ThanksGiving.  Word is.... he is doing the MLB World Series Anthem, and first single off his new album.  "Born Free".

Personally, I Love the fact that the NFL is letting "The Kid" play. I thought stuff like this was decided upon and  announced earlier than 3 weeks before the event, but hey, I'll take it.  Kid Rock just might be our good luck charm...




 Schwartz is down with him, anyway and I'll take the boost at halftime.

My only Request is.... Please, Kid Rock, I know you gotta play the "Big #1 Single"  but halftime is 15 minutes long, Please, Please, Please,  Play this song (linked below, also off the new album),  instead of BawWitaBaw.

On to my Random Thoughts

Matt Stafford-

That's Right, It's Matt Now!  Not Matthew.  Time to grow up "Kid"!  What other "Franchise" QB, goes by his "little kid" name?  Or his "proper name"?  Or his "Biblical Name"?  Or whatever you wanna call it?

It's not Thomas, or Tommy Brady... It's Tom Brady.

It's not Matthew Ryan... It's Matt Ryan.

It's not Joseph, or Joey Flacco... It's Joe Flacco.

It's not Joshua Freeman... It's Josh Freeman.

And it is not Samual Bradford, it is Sam... Call him.  You need the Surgery.  I hope next tuesday I hear news that Stafford has been put on IR and is getting his shoulder fixed.  He is our future.  And this year has proved that we have a future. If we follow the plan. (Stafford is 22, Robinson the rookie we just signed is 24. Matt has a long career ahead of him.)

I Love Watching Gunther.

If you haven't seen this video of Gunther, you gotta watch it.  If you don't Love this Guy... You don't Love football!  Here is the video, and then after I will link the full audio of the interview.  Listen to what he says about Schwartz at the end of the audio, and his teaching environment.



On the loss to the J-e-(Fuckers)-t-s...

I think the best reaction and response to the game came from Dan Miller. 

This is my take.  We are a Good Team, that is young and inexperienced at Winning and Closing out a NFL Game. 
We have also been bit by the injury bug (Stafford).... wah wah wah...

But even in the limited time he has had, he has shown that he can succeed in this league, under this system. 7 TD 1 INT.   Get well Matt!

On Jim Schwartz's Press conference friday...

This Guy is REAL, and he is made of STEEL!   I'm sorry but if you doubt that Schwartz will lead this team to the Playoffs?   You Will Eat Your words next year. 

Raiola says that this was the "Worst" loss of his career.  Schwartz says that they haven't played in "Big" games, if WK 8 is the "worst" loss in their career.

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