Lions Questionnaire

I thought it might be fun to get the wider opinion on a range of topics from all of my POD brethren. Instead of just doing one or two polls, I've decided to go all out and ask as many relevant Lions questions as I can think of to gauge the thoughts of this Lions community. Answer via the letter or by copying the answer. So here we go...

1. Are you a Lions fan, in the sense that you bleed Honolulu Blue and Silver?

A. You better believe it.
B. No.

2. What is your current outlook for the Lions season at the moment?

A. Great, completely outperformed my expectations.
B. Fairly happy, going along better than I thought they would.
C. About what I expected.
D. A little underwhelming given my expectations.
E. Very disappointing.

3. All things considered, what do you think is the largest contributor to our current record?

A. Injuries
B. Penalties
C. Poor coaching and playcalling.
D. Lack of luck.
E. Momentary lapses on offence and defence.

4. Do you think a ownership change is needed?

A. Yes, he is the reason this team has been losing for so long.
B. No, he has done the best they can.
C. I don't think it's a major problem at the moment.

5. How would you rate General Manager Martin Mayhew's performance so far?

A. Incredibly impressed.
B. Pretty happy with it, but there is still a few things I want to see fixed.
C. Indifferent, I haven't seen anything one way or the other to sway my opinion.
D. Not convinced. The talent he's brought in hasn't won yet.
E. Not much better than Millen. Let's look elsewhere.

6. How would you rate Head Coach Jim Schwartz's performance so far?

A. He's definitely the guy.
B. I've got a lot of faith in him, we just got to give him the time.
C. Not sold on him yet, but I willing to give him another year.
D. Losing faith, something has got to change soon.
E. He's gotta go, we need someone with more experience.

7. How would you rate Offensive Coordinator Scott Linehan's performance so far?

A. We have an awesome offence so he's obviously doing well.
B. Pretty happy, although he's had his mistakes.
C. He could be doing better. He's insistence on running the ball up the middle is annoying.
D. Not impressed. The talent we have should be producing more points.
E. He's horrible, we need to look elsewhere.

8. How would you rate Defensive Coordinator Gunther Cunnigham's performance so far?

A. Just look at the front four, we've got a brilliant defence.
B. Improving, should be a dominating defence next year.
C. Doing okay. But things still need work.
D. Gun needs to step up his game.
E. Not happy, need someone new.

9. What do you think will be the Lions finishing record for this season?

A. 8 - 8
B. 6 - 10
C. 5 - 11
D. 4 - 12
E. 2 - 14

10. What do you think the Lions finishing record for the next playing season (if it's a full season)?

A. 13 -3
B. 10-6
C. 8 - 8
D. 5 - 11
E. 2 - 14

11. The general feelings around POD is that the offensive line is an issue, who would you consider is the weakest link?

A. Jeff Backus
B. Rob Sims
C. Dom Raiola
D. Stephen Peterman
E. Gosder Cherilus

12. The Matthew Stafford injury crisis has been a big talking point. Would you like to see him play again this season?

A. Yes, even if he's not 100%.
B. Preferably, but only if he's good to go.
C. Not really, unless some type of miracle happens.
D. He should be shut down and healed up fully.
E. Trade him, he's too injury prone.

13. The running game has been a big disappointment this season, what do you think needs to be done?

A. We need to focus more on the run. Jahvid has the big play ability to bust it.
B. I think we need to get Kevin Smith and Jerome Felton more involved.
C. Keep doing what we are doing. If someone breaks it great, but let's keep defences honest.
D. We need to focus more on the pass, which will help the run anyway. But let's keep the amount of touches down.
E. Abandon it, I'd rather see Best in the slot.

14. I think we can all agree that Calvin has had a pretty good season so far, but who do you think needs to stand up as a receiver beside CJ?

A. Nate, we payed him some big bucks for a reason.
B. Pettigrew, he's got the potential, let's see him use it.
C. BJ, I think we can use him more in the slot.
D. Scheffler, he can stretch the field and cause damage.
E. Best, he's got the big play ability.

15. The defensive line has been a big bright spot for this team, but who is the Defensive Line MVP?

A. KVB, he is one crazy dude and has found his form.
B. Suh, he's a beast and I absolutely love him.
C. Corey Williams, he's often overlooked but he's the guy who's making everyone look good.
D. Avril, the amount of pressure he brings is astounding.
E. It's a group effort, no one guy is standing out.

16. It's been a tough year for our LB's, what do you think is the largest problem?

A. Injuries.
B. JP, he's too old now.
C. Levy, he's not cut out to man the middle.
D. The other OLB spot, we have no-one there.
E. We're missing a gun LB.

17. Our defensive backfield has gone through somewhat of a resurgence, what do you think is the reason for this?

A. The play of our defensive line, the increased pressure has forced the QB's to make mistakes.
B. The play of Chris Houston, who most of the time looks like a shutdown corner.
C. The emergence of Alphonso Smith, who's become something of a ballhawk.
D. The steady influence of Delmas.
E. We haven't gotten any better in the secondary, opposing teams just run on us insetad.

18. Which position would you like to see focused on in the 2011 NFL Draft?


19. If you were buying a new jersey, which player's name and number would you have on it?

A. Matthew Stafford
B. Calvin Johnson
C. Ndamakong Suh
D. Jahvid Best
E. Other (please specify).

20. Is there anything that would make you stop following the Lions?

B. Maybe if the losses continue to mount up and it never looks like ending.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Pride Of Detroit or its writers.

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