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 Lets face it last weeks lost was just embarrassing. Just when you thought you seen the syupidest thing ever the ref would throw another flag. I still support the coach but I do think Jim has to afress this some how some way the penalties have to stop. Here a stagering stat from last weeks game. Detroit commited 11 penalties for 60 yards thats over half the field we handed to the Bills. 8 of those penalties were upfront on the offense thats inexcusable.
So what are our chances sunday against the Dallas Cowboys it's a pretty tight matchup actually. The Cowboys are 4th in passing offense the Lions are 7th. Passing Defense the Lions are 17th the Cowboys are 21st. Expect a shootout against Kitna and Roy vs Shaun Hill and Pettigrew. I think Calvin will be involved but Hill has made it clear the Pettibeast is his favorite target. The Cowboys run game isn't any better than ares supposedly. There rushing offense is 31st to the Lions 30th. There run defense is 23rd to are 26th. These two teams are quite similar.  There are so manything this team needs to address this weekend I figured writing this was a waste of time but hell I can pull ten out of the air at random so here we go...

1. Run the ball successfuly- Run it with success but if it is failing don't be stubborn about start throwing the ball and try to open the run up later. I am a firm beliver of you never abandon the run but don't try to force a failing issue.

2. Pin your ears back- The cowboys O line well it makes the bears look like a brick wall. We can lean on are D line if they can get back on track. Dallas will throw the ball alot we need to keep Kitna uneasy. Jon truth be told is a pretty good QB we can't over look him just because he's the back up.

3. Get Calvin in the endzone- Seems logical but the cowboys corners are either inexperinced or beatup depending on whos starting this week. So let Megatron get physical with them even if he isn't open take a few shots down field just to make the point.

4. Stop the run- Cowboys aren't effective running the ball either so we need to make them one demensional early.

5. Create turnovers- We need to take the ball away and keep the cowboys offense at bay. There is alot of talent there and if we can maintain posesion it will be a great advantage towards a win.

6. Special Teams- Stop Dez Bryant from making the big returns and don't rely on Rayner to score all the points.

7. Clock Managment- Be smart with the clock and realise the coach on the other sideline has less experince than us. Don't make bad decisions with time outs.

8. Hurry up- Hill works best in a hurry up offense this a good thing. Keep the defense on its toes and let hill march down the field play after play. Don't use it all day but don't wait until the final 2 minutes to use it.

9. Play smart- Idiot moves is cost us games. Penalites that make pop warner look organized. If some one if costing us the game bench him! Peterman for Gandy if it has to be done do it.

10. Put it away- Don't get in a posistion were the game is on the line in the final seconds. Take advantage of every oppertunity and be willing to take a risk early to get on the board. Playing from behind for 4 quarters is asking to lose. When and if you have the lead do a better job of protecting it late in the game. We could be undefeated if the games were only 48 minutes. Its always the last 10 when we blow it.

    I don't fail. I succeed at finding what doesn't work. - Christopher Titus

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