The Raiola, Peterman, and Backus times are over.

Even though good times with these 3 never really began, it is time to address the O-line. Raiola cannot block any nose tackle one on one  in pass protection or run blocking. Road graters are needed to get this O- line a moving. I think we need to seriously look at changing Center, Left Tackle, and Right Guard. 

Players to think about drafting. 


Guards and Centers

Missouri Center -Tim Barnes 6'4" 300lbs.

Slippery Rock Center- Brandon Fusco 6'4" 300

Penn State Center- Stefan Wisinewski- 6'3" 302lbs ( good technique, he adds a few LBS he could be as good as his Uncle)

Ohio State University Guard- Justin Boren 6'3" 315 lbs (played some center at UM, Guard at OSU) 

Michigan Guard Steve Schilling 6'5" 308lbs (Played both Guard and Center at UM)

Villanova Guard Benjamin Ijalana 6'4" 320

Wisconsin Guard  John Moffitt 6'4" 323 ( Could play G or C like he did at UW) His only knock was on his pass blocking. 

Texas Christian OT Marcus Cannon 6'6" 350 ( Too big for Left tackle, but could be a force at RG)

Offensive Tackles

Boston College OT Anthony Costanzo 6'5" 308 ( a little weak in Run Blocking, but could add a few pounds and be a great LT in the NFL)

 Mississipi State OT Derrick Sherrod 6'5" 305 

Arkansas OT Demarcus Love 6'5" 305

Wisconsin OT Gabe Carimi 6'7" 327 (Tough Run Blocker, struggles in Pass protection, but with some work could be a undervalued LT)

Pittsburgh OT- Jason Pinkston- 6'4"- 305 lbs (Multi-dimensional player, could move inside to G or C, Great mobility and could be good at LT.)


I think we could address the RG situation in Free agency. Maybe we could trade for a Carl Nicks, or pick up someone else in free agency.

If a franchise LT isn't in the First round we SHOULD NOT take one. I think the biggest mistake would be taking a player of lesser value (Especially if it is a CB, SS, or LB)  just because we have that HUGE need. Lions and Mayhew do a good job in the off season of adding talent.   I like Phonz and Houston, but we need a taller CB to cover the tall recievers in the league. And LB's are at a premium in this league, we need talent at the Sam and Will linebackers. 

This roster is no where near done, never will be. We revamped the D-line last year and it has payed off huge. Now, we need to make changes on the other side of the ball. O-line is so important, if Best was healthy and getting the seams to run, he would be gone. 

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Pride Of Detroit or its writers.

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