Lions and Jets: An 8-2 team has never been so similar to a 2-8 one.

This year is frustrating.  A word every Lions fan is more than familiar with.  This year may be especially frustrating, which is another phrase Lions fans are familiar with.  

There will be thousands of Lions fan who look at this season and shrug it off as the same thing thats been happening for the past decade. Those fans are wrong.  Extremely wrong.  

The Jets are a team that's consider by most to be Super Bowl contenders.  Fans are looking for this team to bring home the Lombardi trophy.  The Jets are playoff bound, and no one is questioning their legitimacy. 

The Lions are 2-8.  The Jets are 8-2.  But, in terms of talent, these teams are nearly equal.  

Here's the difference in the two teams:

Week 1: Lions lose at the end of the game because of a controversial call.

Week 2: Shaun Hill unable to drive Lions down field at the end of the game to defeat Eagles

Week 4: Lions fail to convert on go-ahead drive with 7 minutes to go, Packers run out rest of clock.

Week 6: Jets, aided by a controversial PI call, score a game-winner to take down the Broncos

Week 9: Lions can't hold 10 point lead against Jets, after losing 2nd string QB.  Jets aided by controversal play call giving them an extra 40 seconds to send game to OT.

Week 10: Lions lay egg, still have chance to send into overtime, but ball slips from Hill's fingers. Lions lose.

Week 10: Jets win in OT over Browns after Stuckey fumbles ball for Browns on the Jets' side of the field in OT.

Week 11: Lions lose after dominating first half, due to some sketchy calls, poor tackling, and the most ridiculous punt return in the history of the NFL.

Week 11: Jets win by going 70 yards in the last :50.  


If each of those games go the other way (which would basically mean changing one or two plays in each game), the Lions are 7-3 and the Jets are 4-6.  Of course, talent has some, if not a lot, to do with the reason's the Jets have been able to close out games, but this is a testament to how competitive the league is now.  The Lions continue to be a competitive team, and anyone who says they're the same old Lions or that the Lions aren't giving it their all isn't watching the game. 

In some bizarro world, the Lions ARE 7-3 and the Jets are 4-6.  LFN (thats the League of Football Nationally, AKA Bizarro-NFL) pundits love the Lions and Jim Schwartz is a media darling.  The Jets are 4-6, and they're lucky to be that good because they are notoriously the joke of the league.  Matthew Stafford's shoulder is made of some sort of titanium-unobtainium alloy and he has been on the cover of GQ and Playgirl for a record 20 straight months.  Sanchez, meanwhile, was benched and traded to Houston, where he sits 3rd on the depth chart, behind his BFF Matt Leinart.

I, for one, am going to start searching for portals to a new universe, because the one I currently reside in is unrelentingly cruel.  

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Pride Of Detroit or its writers.

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