a Mock, deal with it...

I was in the mood to do a full mock so here it is.  I know it's too early.   I know there's still a lot to be learned about players.  I also know that some of you are "above" the notion of posting a mock at this time.  So to those who want to object about mocks now let me save you some time.  Don't bother reading any further and please don't waste my time complaining about people that want to engage in mock draft speculation...we've heard it.

So, here's what I'm thinking

  • Round 1, Pick# 4 - Prince Amukamara, CB (Nebraska)
  • Elite talent with high upside. He's a ballhawk that should thrive due to the great pressures and hurried throws the DL causes.
  • Round 2, Pick# 4 - Jason Pinkston, OG/OT (Pitt)
  • The most versatile and perhaps gifted linemen of the draft. The kind of player the FO craves in the trenches. Likely to win out as starting RG for 2011 and perhaps LT of the future. At the least will be starter RG and offer LT depth.
  • Round 3, Pick# 4 - Mark Herzlich OLB (Boston)
  • Worries about his recovery from cancer will likely cause this first round talent to fall to this favorable position for the Lions to grab him in the 3rd. He's a great presence vs the rush and the pass. He doesn't have an ideal speed to appeal to a team requiring more pass rush from it's LB thus further cementing this draft position. He could even fall to them in the 4th but I'm comfortable with this placement.
  • Round 4, Pick# 4 - Tim Barnes C (Missouri)
  • Coming in already of a favorable size if not a bit tall (6-4), this solid lineman falls to the 4th. His ability to open holes for the run while sealing off the front in pass protection will allow him to perhaps even challenge for a starting shot at C as a rookie. A great long term prospect and fit for the Lions.
  • Round 5, Pick# 4 - Deunta Williams S (NC)
  • Inconsistancy and character concerns give reason for this talent to fall so low the Lions luck out to get him in the 5th. Gunny is likely to whip him into shape to forming a formidable team with FS Delmas.
  • Round 6, Pick# 4 - Shaun Chappas FB (GA)
  • Slower than average speed and given position will drop him to the 6th. He's a smart kid with great blocking and blitz reads will cement him as the starter. His power to run and good hands for the dump pass will have him fit right in to what the Lions have hoped they could get from Felton.
  • Round 6, Pick# 31 - Greg McElroy QB (Alabama)
  • -pick from Eagles- His less than desirable arm strength and possible commitment concerns will almost drop this talent from the draft completely. His smart reads and decent accuracy will give him a comfortable spot as the backup to replace Stanton.
  • Round 7, Pick# 1 - Jarrett Boykin WR (VA Tech)
  • -pick from Jets- An overlooked tall and physical receiver he'll be a great find so late. As he learns the pace of the NFL game and expands his route ability he might earn a spot in the 53.

I'd be curious to see what y'all think about these particular players and their chances of falling to the place where I have them.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Pride Of Detroit or its writers.

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